Piranhas LCM Invite - Richfield, MN

June 1, 2018 - June 3, 2018
May 15, 2018


We're heading back to Richfield for their outdoor Long Course Invite.  This meet is for Storm swimmers ages 9 & up with verifiable C times and above. You can go ahead and select events now. 

Outdoor 50 meter long course pool.

Some families bring their own shade tents (limited space on concrete) and camping chairs/coolers to this meet. Swimmers need camping chairs and families need camping chairs & possibly umbrellas if it is raining.  Dress your swimmer warmly for the morning sessions (think parkas, sweats, hats, socks) and bring sunscreen for when it warms up. Pack lots of water to stay hydrated.

Richfield usually has a nice team hosted concession stand and there are many restaurants nearby.
For Saturday AM and Sunday AM
lanes 0 and 1: Blackline (BLA) and Barracuda (BAC)
lane 2: Hastings (HAST)
lanes 3 and 4: Piranhas (PRNH) and Northfield (NOR)
lanes 5 and 6: Storm (STRM) and Blackdog (BDOG)
lanes 7, 8 and 9: Minnetonka (MTKA), Tigersharks (SHRK) and Lake Superior (LSSC)
For Friday evening, Saturday PM and Sunday PM
lanes 0 and 1: Blackline (BLA) and Barracuda (BAC) 
lanes 2 and 3: Riptide (RIPT) and  Lake Superior (LSSC)
lanes 4 and 5: Foxjet (FOXJ) and Storm (STRM)
lane 6: Piranhas (PRNH)
lane 7: Hastings (HAST), Blackdog (BDOG) and Tigersharks (SHRK)
lanes 8 and 9: Minnetonka (MTKA) and Northfield (NOR)