SCRIP Orders Due by Midnight August 12th!

Aug 12, 2018
August 12, 2018


Your Scrip order is due by midnight tonight!

It will be ready for pickup by Friday, August 17th.

 Scrip cards are gift cards that you purchase to use at stores/restaurants where you plan to shop, and use those cards instead of cash or credit.  You pay face value and you redeem the cards for full face value.  Each card has its own rebate.  You earn 75% of the rebate amounts on the cards you buy, and OSHY gets 25%.  It's a great way to offset the costs for swim meets & OSHY apparel!  Many OSHY families have been using scrip since we started offering it in November of 2012, and have credits on their monthly invoices from the rebates they are earning.  For example:

3 - $100 Kwik Trip scrip cards (9% rebate) = $27.00
2 - $100 Pick 'n Save (Roundy's) scrip cards (4% rebate) = $8.00
3 - $10 Cousins Subs scrip cards (9% rebate) = $2.70
1 - $50 Kohls scrip card (4% rebate) = $2.00
1 - $25 Bath & Body Works scrip card ($13% rebate) = $3.25
Total rebate = $42.95
You get 75% applied to your OSHY account = $32.21
OSHY gets 25% = $10.74
It's a win-win!  
This is how you get started with OSHY scrip:
Go to the OSHY website: 
There is a line of drop-down menus above the pictures.  Hover over "OSHY INFO" and then click on "SCRIP PROGRAM"
This page explains how scrip works.  Under step 1, click on the "waiver & program guidelines" link.  You must print out this form, read it & fill it out.  Then place it in the Arps family folder on deck.
Step 2 takes you to the scrip website where you will create your account using the OSHY scrip program code that is given.  
Step 3 encourages you to sign up for PrestoPay, which is like a PayPal account.  Having a PrestoPay account is nice because you can order ScripNow products, which you can print from home instead of waiting for the cards to come.  
If you have any questions along the way, please email Sarah at