Chinook's fundraiser/Splash for Cash 4-6pm

May 4, 2018
May 4, 2018


this swimming challenge is a fundraiser for the CAC Boosters.  Swimmers aim to swim 200 lengths in two hours- with pledges either per length or a set amount.  Stroke schoolers and newer swimmers can moditfy the distance they swim.  The point is that we all participate!  Awards and prizes are given out to our top earners and finishers.  

Our team goal is to reach $20,000.  We can do it!

Who: the whole team!!

Where:  Bartlett Pool

When: This Friday- May 4th

Why: To raise funds for the team. 

Check out our online platform on the team site.  It is amazingly simple.

When swimmers are done swimming there will be food and drink to share with all.   Mark your calendars for this big SPLASH!

Splash for Cash starts at 4pm at the Bartlett Pool and goes till 6pm.  Food and fun to share after the swim.

Swim fast and get those pledges!

Go Chinooks!