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MA Silver Championships

March 23, 2018 - March 25, 2018
March 7, 2018
April 1, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


MA Silver Championships
March 23-25
Central York High School
601 Mundis Mill Rd
York, PA

MEET NOTES (from the Meet Director): Link Here  

The highlights and some extra info is below. As always, Meet Director’s notes should prevail in the event of discrepancy. 

TIMELINE & ATTIRE: Timeline Here 

For FRIDAY night, 400 IM begins at 6:50. For our 400IM only swimmers, you are welcome to arrive by 6 PM however, you will likely not have the opportunity to warm-up in the competition pool. Instead you will only be able to use the 20 Yard warm-up pool.

On Fri / Sat / Sun night sessions, we should ALL be wearing our BLUE Shirts. We are hopeful to have many swims at night and we want everyone to recognize us as BLUE! 

Friday (BLUE Shirt)

4:00 PM Warm-up | 5:00 PM Meet Start (500s Free) |

6:50 PM (approx.) Meet Start (400 IMs)


Prelims (11 & Over -- CAMO Shirt): 8:00 AM Warm-up | 9:00 AM Meet Start

Timed Finals (9 – 10 -- CAMO Shirt): 2:00 PM Warm-up | 3:00 PM Meet Start

Finals (11 & Over Qualifiers -- BLUE Shirt): 5:00 PM Warm-up | 6:00 PM Meet Start


Prelims (11 & Over -- ORANGE Shirt): 8:00 AM Warm-up | 9:00 AM Meet Start 

Timed Finals (9 – 10 -- ORANGE Shirt): 2:00 PM Warm-up | 3:00 PM Meet Start 

Finals (11 & Over Qualifiers -- BLUE Shirt): 5:00 PM Warm-up | 6:00 PM Meet Start 


This may not be the final version, we have at least one athlete that was supposed to be in this but was not as of the 3/21 version.


BLUE does have a lot of relays entered. Swimmers have been assigned to teams as a starting point, but those were all computer generated teams. Coaches also have final and total discretion up to 5 mins before the relay event to make changes. Please inform you swimmer, relay spots are a privilege and are not guaranteed. Also, some swimmers would prefer not swim them. So please have them inform Coach Kyle/Adam if that is case. There are inevitably going to be some scratches of our individual swimmers (sickness, last minute conflicts, etc.). This may cause us to scratch a relay altogether. Please be understanding.

SCRATCHES / RUNNING LATE: This meet is very full. Coaches will be checking-in swimmers before/during warm-up. If you are running late, or you cannot make the meet at the last minute, you MUST NOTIFY Coach Kyle via text message (908) 892-2374. Our coaches make every effort to give our swimmers the opportunity to swim, however, the timeline on this meet will force us to scratch you if we haven’t heard from you by the deadline.