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MA Senior Champs

Mar 28, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Mar 31, 2018 (03:00 AM)
March 7, 2018
March 31, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


MA SC Senior Champs
March 28-31
Graham Aquatic Center
543 N. Newberry St.
York, PA

MEET NOTES (from the Meet Ref): Link Here  -- These are the rules of the meet. Please read. Highlights are below.

1. 8:00 AM each prelim session, coaches will turn-in the check-in sheet. If an athlete is not on deck by then and he/she has not communicated with Coach Seth or Coach Kyle, he/she will be scratched for the session. We did receive scratches this past week. At this point, we only need to know if you are running late and WANT TO SWIM.

2. NO FOOD ON DECK!! -- We've never been to a meet where this is enforced, but its never been in the Meet Ref notes either. If meet personnel catch our swimmers eating on the pool deck, swimmers will be asked to leave and BLUE Coaches will work only to make sure the rest of our swimmers are not penalized. Be smart. There are locker rooms and hallways swimmers can get have their snacks. Water/bottled sports drinks appear to be okay, but swimmers much be responsible and respectful. We better not see any trash. 

VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENTS: -- Please use the job sign-up so Coaches don't have to pester everyone.

We've added additional slots in the job sign-up system in case our parents want to switch. If you are willing to time the entire session, please sign-up for both time slots.

Thursday Prelims:  Runner
Friday Prelims:  Lane 1 Timer
Saturday Prelims:  2x Lane 1 Timers

TIMELINE: Timeline Here (not posted as of 3/28)

Prelims: 7:30 AM Warm-up | 9:00 AM Meet Start  - Swimmers should consider arriving early to get an adequate warm-up and comfortable seat on deck. Lanes will be crowded for the majority of the warm-up session.

Finals: 4:30 PM Warm-up | 5:30 PM Meet Start 


Thurs:  Camo "Good Luck"
Friday:  Orange "Passion Level"
Saturday: BLUE



All relays will be swum at finals. Relay swimmers will be communicated on-deck. 


There is limited availability and will granted on a first come first serve basis. Please communicate with Coach Kyle if you have any interest in a time trial, he will inquire as to the day/time they can accommodate.