OCCS Time Trial - last chance

Feb 18, 2018 (03:00 AM)
February, 11 2018


OCCS Last Chance Time Trial 

LOCATION:                       Central Park Aquatic Center

                                                10371 Central Park Drive, Suite A

                                                Manassas, VA 20120


MEET FORMAT:            All events will be Timed Finals.

                                                All events will be swum FAST to SLOW based on seed times.

                                                If needed, sessions may be split to provide ample space and time for entered swimmers.


WARM-UPS:                       Sunday, February 18  

                                                Warm ups: 6:30am (may be adjusted based on timeline)

                                                Meet start: 7:10am


ENTRIES:                            Deadline for receipt of entries is Thursday, February 15


FEES:                                   There are not entry fees for this meet


TIMERS:                             Swimmers will be required to supply their own timers for ALL EVENTS


ELIGIBILITY:   This meet is offered to swimmers that are seeking one last opportunity to qualify for the JO Champs or Junior Champs coming up next month.  Only swimmers within the range below or as recommended by their coaches are eligible. 

                                                               i.       1 event limit

                                                             ii.       Any 50-yard swim must be within .50 seconds of a JO or JRC time

                                                           iii.       Any 100-yard swim must be within 1.50 seconds of a JO or JRC time

                                                           iv.       Any 200-yard swim must be within 3.00 seconds of a JO or JRC time

                                                             v.       The 1000 free option is available but this will only be offered if there is time and for only 1 heat to swimmers that would like the opportunity and are within 20 seconds of a JO or JRC time.  Other swimmers that don’t meet these criteria may enter if there is space to fill a heat.