Supervise late pickup after BAC practice & Door Keeper & coach drive on 2/17

Feb 17, 2018
February 17, 2018
February 17, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)



Description 1

We need 2 parent volunteers to stay 1/2 hour after practice to make sure all swimmers are picked up.

The volunteers on duty are responsible to:

1) Sweep through locker room before leaving to ensure all PDST swimmers left;

2) Inform on-deck coaches, they are on duty 1/2 hour before practice ends. Otherwise, coach will end practice 1/2 hour earlier;

3) Reporting to Ren if there is swimmer not being promptly picked up with swimmer name and parent phone number;

4) No silent cancellation within 48 hours. Need to inform

5) $150 fine if not show up.

6)It’s feasible to report your arrival on Coach half an hour earlier before training finished on Saturday. If a volunteer overpass this time, training will have to stop. 

Description 2

BAC officially close at 3:30 PM. After 3:30 PM, only PDST practices at the pool inside JCC.

Each Saturday 1 parent to sit at BAC lobby door 4:00PM-4.30PM to let PDST swimmer/parent/coaches to be able to get in/out BAC.

Service hour (volunteer hour): 30min

Keynote: please make sure that the volunteering parent stays at BAC lobby (you can sit there do your reading etc), and when PDST swimmer/parents come, please open the front door for them. 


Description 3

Drive coach John Michael and coach Xu from BAC to MW 4:30-5:00 pm. Inform on-deck coaches your arrival. The parent who signs it up should positively contact coach John Michael(206-883-4335) to confirm if you can take his bike.