SWIFT Aquatics Spring Stroke Clinic

Mar 12, 2018 (02:00 AM) - Apr 6, 2018 (02:00 AM)
March, 9 2018
Age Group I,Age Group II,Coaching Staff,Senior Elite,Senior I,Senior II,Stroke Development I,Stroke Development II (Niles North High School)


SWIFT Aquatics 
Spring 2018

Stroke Clinic


Open To: SWIFT Membership in Stroke Development I & II, Age Group I & II and Seniors I, II & Elite
Where: Niles North Aquatics Center

Dates: March 12- April 6
Days, Times and Fees:




Stroke Development*

Mon., Tues., & Thurs.
Niles North Aquatics Center

$45/ week**

Age Group*

Mon., Tues., & Thurs.
Niles North Aquatics Center

$45/ week**


Mon., Tues., & Thurs.
Niles North Aquatics Center

$45/ week**


Details: This clinic is a great opportunity for swimmers to focus primarily on their stroke technique while learning coordination and balance of the four primary strokes. All while not concentrating on endurance or speed.

Clinics will include thorough instruction from the SWIFT Aquatics Coaching Staff; emphasizing proper form and technique. Swimmers will watch video of proper technique and there will be demonstrations of all strokes, drills and turns by coaches and/ or swimmers.

The progression through the 4 strokes: stroke technique, reviewing drills, stroke components, starts, turns and finishes – is designed for those that already have a basic skill level and development of the four strokes. ***

What To Bring: All groups are required to bring the following equipment to all sessions: Kickboard, pull buoy, Fins, Snorkel, water bottle and an extra towel and/or deck clothes/robe (we will be in and out of the water.)

Coaching Staff: Coach Josh Newman and Coach Gerry Meehan

* A minimum of 5 swimmers must register for a group for us to proceed. We may combine or cancel groups of less than 5. Groups will be limited to 20 on a first come first serve basis. Please register with the group you have been in this past season.
** All fees will be paid by CASH ONLY in advance. No make up or reschedule of sessions offered.
*** This clinic will not be open to the Pre-competitive group.