Custom Tidalwaves Cap Orders

Feb 20, 2018 - Mar 23, 2018
March, 23 2018


Nothing helps a Tidalwaves swimmer feel more like they are part of the team than wearing a Tidalwaves logo on their cap!  Nothing helps a Tidalwaves coach, parent or Age Group Coordinator identify a Tidalwaves swimmer better than a Tidalwaves cap with a NAME on it!  They do all kind of look a like when they are all wet!

Please complete the registration/order form to order and pay for your custom cap pack(s) (Button in upper right corner of this page)!  Caps are sold in packs of 2, and each cap in the order will have the same name on it.  To buy 2 caps, order 1 pack.  To buy 4 caps, order 2 packs.  Caps are $35/order.

Caps will be available for pick up at Pizza/Cheer night on April 27th, or at Time Trials on April 28th.

Tidalwaves Best Practice:  Last names are best on the caps...too many Chloes, Alexs, Catherines, Grahams, etc.  You get the picture.