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Annual Swimathon!

Apr 7, 2018 (10:00 AM) - Apr 7, 2018 (04:00 PM)
April, 7 2018
April 5, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


The Swim-A-Thon is here and we need your support! Please set up your donor page on our website and begin raising money to help our club and your swimmer!


$40 is all you need to raise in order to join the festivities on April 7th at the Keller Natatorium. However, while this minimum gets you in the door there are plenty of more prizes to be won. The more you raise the more prizes you earn! The winning milestones go as follows:

$200 - Participation in the clinic with NCAA Champion Will Licon *

$250 – LAC Swim-A-Thon T-Shirt

$500 – Arena Hoodie

$750 – Arena Team Back Pack

$1000 – Arena Parka

But wait, there’s more! The group who raises the most money per swimmer will have a team funded party at Main Event! And for the grand prize, the top 2 overall fundraisers will be awarded a brand-new Arena Carbon Air Tech Suit!

Swimathon Schedule

All times subject to change

Swimathon is at the Keller Natatorium


7:00-9:00am 1st Swim-A-Thon Group

National Group


9:00-10:00am 1st Clinic

Clinic w/Will Licon National, National Prep, Senior

(Eligible for those who raise $200 or more by deadline) 

10:00-12:00pm 2nd Swim-A-Thon Group

National Prep, Senior, AGS, High School Prep

12:00-1:00pm 2nd Clinic

Clinic w/Will Licon for AGS & High School Prep

(Eligible for those who raise $200 or more by deadline)


1:30-2:30pm 3rd Clinic


Clinic w/Will Licon for Silver 1, Bronze, Red & Black

(Eligible for those who raise $200 or more deadline)


2:30-4:30pm 3rd Swim-A-Thon Group

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Red & Black


4:30-5:30pm 4th Clinic

Clinic w/Will Licon for Gold, Silver 2

(Eligible for those who raise $200 or more by deadline)



* Must have raised $200 by 4/2 to participate. See swimmers who qualified for the Clinics  HERE

Remember, swimmers get pledges from family, friends or businesses to support their efforts. Donors can either pledge a certain amount of money per length. Or the easier and more common method of making a flat donation in support of their team.  It is our hope that every swimmer on the team raises as much as they can and you have to raise a minimum of $40 to attend the Swim-A-Thon on April 7thAll pledges are done ONLINE and it’s super easy to raise money with a few emails or social media posts!  We’ll even help you with letters you can email to family and friends near and far who would probably LOVE to support your swimmer in the sport they love!



1.    Sign in to your account.

2.    Click the blue "Help Video" icon to watch the fundraising quick-start video, or download the user guide.

Once you are signed in, you will land in the Setup tab to begin your fundraising efforts. You will also see a series of other tabs where you will manage the entire process for your child[ren]. If you have more than one child on the team, click the pull-down menu to the right of the blue "Participant" title to select each. We’ve made it really easy to add pictures, fun icons, and individualized text for each child’s unique fundraising page! Remember to have fun setting up your account and promoting yourself fundraising efforts! â€‹

Please click the BLUE Watch Video button to get all of the tips and tricks for getting the most out of your fundraising efforts!