Snowfox Independence Invitational (LCM) in Sioux Falls, SD

July 6, 2018 - July 8, 2018
June 6, 2018


Meet Info  

Team swim caps required for all swimmers.  Please purchase one from a coach at practice, if you need one. $13 for silicone and $4 for latex. 


Pool Location: Midco Aquatic Center, 1601 S. Western Ave, Sioux Falls, 57105 

50M Indoor pool w/ 10 lanes; wave-calming dividers; Daktroics timing system with manual backup. 


This will be a split meet. See below regarding PRELIMS and FINALS for all events.

This will be a prelim/final meet for 11 & overs. 10 & unders will be timed finals.

Prelim sessions will be 13 & over swimmers with the final 3 heats circle seeded. In finals there will be a 13-14 A & B heat and a 15 & over A & B heat.

11-12 swimmers will swim prelim/final in the afternoon session and then an A fina l heat will swim in finals. 11-12 swimmers will have 15 minutes to scratch finals after announcing the results.

10 & Unders will swim timed finals in the afternoons. 


Warm up and start times are subject to change once entries have been received.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Prelims Sessions

Warm ups: 7:00-8:15am, Meet starts: 8:30am 

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 & Under sessions

Warm ups: Not before 11:30am Meet Starts: Not before 12:15pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Finals Sessions

Warm ups: Not before 4:00pm Meet Starts: Not before 5:00pm 

Seeding: All 10 & Under events will be seeded slowest to the fastest.

11-12 events will be seeded slowest to fastest with the last 2 heats circle seeded in prelims and the top 10 swimming in finals. The 400 Free and 400 IM will be timed finals.

13 & over events will be seeded combined age group but separate gender in prelims with the last 3 heats circle seeded. In finals there will be an A/B final for 13-14 and 15 & overs of each gender.

The 800 free will be swam fastest to slowest in prelims with the fastest heat of girls and boys swimming in finals.

Relays will be swam 13 & Over timed finals, with the fastest heat swimming in finals. 

Entry Limit: Swimmers may swim a maximum of 9 individual events for the meet, but no more than 3 per day. Swimmers may swim 2 relay events for the meet, but no more than 1 per day. 

FEE: SD Head Tax: $3.00 per swimmer Individual Events: $6.00, Relay spot: $4.00, Facility Fee: $12.00