YMCA Long Course National Championship

Jul 30, 2018 - Aug 3, 2018
July, 16 2018


YMCA Long Course National Championship

Monday July 30 through Friday August 3. 


The YMCA of the USA is pleased to announce the 2018 YMCA Long Course National Championship will be held at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD beginning Monday July 30 through Friday August 3. 

This recently refurbished venue is conveniently within driving distance for many of our teams.  The YMCA Long Course Championship was last held at the University of Maryland in 2010.  We look forward to working again with the committed University staff who historically provide a high-quality meet experience for our athletes and families.

Y-USA is pleased to announce a large selection of hotel options with varied room rates.  With affordability in mind, we have partnered with the local hotel community to lower overall travel costs for participants, their families and coaches. Please note the deadline to reserve the rooms at these reduced rates may vary from hotel to hotel.  Please plan to reserve your room no later than June 25.

We are also exploring dorm housing options with the University. Please check back in a few weeks for an update.

The University of Maryland is looking forward to welcoming the Y’s youth athletes, coaches and families this summer. To book your hotel stay please click the link below:

ADJUSTMENTS TO THE MEET ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Championship Meet Committee reserves the right to make any adjustments to the provisions of the meet announcement deemed necessary to ensure the fair and efficient running of the meet or due to unforeseen issues of weather or facility problems. Changes will be communicated as far in advance as possible. None of the required elements for a YMCA National Championship and USA-S Approved meet can be changed.

MEET TIMELINE: The Championship meet
will be held over 4-1/2 days. On the first
day of the meet, in the evening, 4 events
will be swum: Prelims for the 200 Freestyle Relay and the Timed Finals for 1500 Freestyle. On each of the following four days, Prelims will be held in the morning, with Time Trials for that day starting approximately 1⁄2 hour

fter completion of Prelims, and Finals in the evening. Refer to Appendix 7 for a detailed Schedule of Activities


Location: University of Maryland, Eppley Recreation Center, 4128 Valley Drive, College Park, MD 20742

Emergency Phone Number: Phone: (301) 226-4500

FACILITY: The competition pool will be configured as one 8-lane 50 meter pool, with starting blocks at both ends. The starting blocks are equipped with track start fins but do not currently have backstroke wedges. Water depth for starting areas is 8’ 6” and 13’ 6”. Colorado electronic timing systems will be used. The competition course has been certified in accordance with USA Swimming Rule 104.2.2C (4). A separate 10-lane, 25-yard instructional pool is available for warm up/warm down.

Swimmers: There will be seating available on-deck for approximately 800 swimmers. The Athlete Village, located in the West Gym, will be available to swimmers whenever they are not swimming.

Spectators: The spectator area is on a separate level from the pool deck. The facility boasts seating for 1,000 spectators and a handicap seating area. The spectators will only have access to the spectator level. No strollers, coolers, folding chairs, or oversized stadium seats will be permitted on the spectator level. Limited concessions will be available on the spectator level. WiFi is available to all guests. 

DEFINITIONS: Day 1 is Monday July 30, Day 2 is Tuesday July 31, Day 3 is Wednesday August 1, Day 4 is Thursday August 2, Day 5 is Friday August 3.

PARADE THEME: The theme for the Parade of Athletes is “Animation”. Athletes are invited to dress-up as their favorite animated character (e.g. princesses, super heroes, cartoon character, etc.).

ATHLETE VILLAGE: We are encouraging swimmers to use the Athlete Village located in the West Gym during Prelims whenever they are not swimming. With 1,000 or more athletes attending the competition, the pool deck is too crowded to accommodate everyone. Your cooperation will give each athlete an opportunity to do their best.

Please remember that everyone is responsible for their personal belongings. Swimmers should never leave any of these items unattended. 



pressures associated with participation by making financial assistance

YMCA of the USA (Y-USA) recognizes the

commitment a swimmer makes to training and competing in swimming and

diving competitions. We realize the financial strain these competitions can

have on families. The YMCA of USA hopes to alleviate some of the financial

available to the parents/athlete to help support an athlete on local YMCA

Financial Assistance with traveling to National Competitions (transportation

and housing costs only).

Swimmers should meet the current financial assistance guidelines established by their local Y; however, local YMCAs and Coaches may submit recommendations for hardship exceptions. Criteria and Application form are available at:

PHOTOGRAPHER AND VIDEO: ProSwim Visuals will be on site as the official Championship Photographer. During the Championship, arrangements can be made with ProSwim for team and individual swimmer photos. ProSwim will be the awards photographer.

Video of the Championship competition will be provided by TBD. 


YMCA Membership: An athlete must be a YMCA member in good standing who holds an annual, full privilege membership at the YMCA he/she represents for a period of at least 90 days prior to the first day of the meet. An athlete may have only represented that YMCA team in competition for a period of 90 days prior to the first day of the meet, excluding scholastic competition.

Amateur Status: An athlete may not have represented a college, university or other post-high school institution in any competition and may not have accepted pay or compensation for competing as a swimmer.

Unattached Athletes: There is no unattached status in YMCA Swimming.

Age: An athlete must be at least twelve (12) years of age, and not older than twenty-one (21) years of age on the first day Meet. The age-up date for this meet is the first day of the meet.

YMCA Meet Participation: In order to be eligible to compete in the YMCA National Championship Meet, each athlete must have competed in a minimum of three (3) closed YMCA inter-association meets plus one (1) sanctioned YMCA championship meet since September 1, 2017. A sanctioned YMCA championship meet may not be counted as both the sanctioned meet required and one of the inter-association meets required. The YMCA National Virtual Meet may be counted as one of the inter-association meets. Refer to the current version of the Swimming Addendum Rules that Govern YMCA Competitive Sports for requirements and definitions of YMCA inter- association and sanctioned championship meets. (Under REFERENCE tab)

Times: An athlete must achieve the minimum qualifying time standard for each event in which he/she enters during the period of July 1, 2017 through the entry deadline. Refer to Appendix 2A for meet qualifying times. 

Athletes with a Disability: YMCA Member-athletes with a disability who meet the eligibility requirements for the National YMCA Swimming Championships but do not meet the time standards for able-bodied athletes may compete in the Long Course YMCA National Championships provided they meet the Can-Am Para Swim time standard in their class. Athletes must be classified prior to National YMCA competition and must have swum the qualifying time(s) during the same calendar periods as their able-bodied peers. Classification will not be conducted at the YMCA National Championships. YMCA Member-athletes with a disability will be seeded with their actual time, not at N.T. or the slowest non-conforming time , but they will be seeded in the first heats.

Protest: Coaches should be prepared to provide proof of their athletes’ meet participation and qualifying times if a protest is filed. 


ENTRY LIMITS: There is no limit on the number of events the athlete may enter. However, an athlete may only compete in a maximum of ten (10) events of which no more than five (5) may be individual events, not including Time Trials. A team may only have one entry in a relay event.

Because this meet is USA-S Approved, there is a daily limit on the number of events a swimmer may swim (rule reference 102.2.2 and 102.2.7).

  • ·  A swimmer may swim no more than 3 individual events per day in a Prelims/Finals meet
  • ·  Time Trial events will count as a part of this daily total. QUALIFICATION PERIOD: The qualification period is July 1, 2017 through the entry deadline.

    USA-S IDs: Only USA-S registered athletes should have an ID number in the Meet Entry File.

    TIME STANDARDS: Swimmers/Relays must have equaled or bettered the minimum time standard: See Appendix 2A for qualifying times.

    SPECIAL BONUS DISTANCE EVENT: If a swimmer qualifies for either the 800 Freestyle or the 1500 Freestyle, but has not qualified for the other event, the swimmer may enter the other event by achieving the bonus qualifying standard. Example: Swimmer qualifies for the 800 Freestyle but has not achieved a qualifying time for the 1500. That swimmer may enter the 800 free and enter the 1500 as long as they qualify using the bonus 1500 qualifying time.

    ENTRIES FOR THE 50 METER BACKSTROKE, BREASTSTROKE AND BUTTERFLY: In order to compete in the 50 Meter Backstroke, Breaststroke or Butterfly, a swimmer must have achieved the qualifying time for the 100 or 200 Meter distance in that stroke. If the swimmer is not entered in the 100 or 200 Meter distance for that stroke in the meet, then he or she must be able to prove that 100 or 200 Meter qualifying time at Check-in.

    The entry time for the 50 must be a 50 Meter or 50 Yard time, not a 100 or 200 time. In addition, the swimmer must be able to prove this entry time

    for the 50 Meter event. This time can be proved using the actual time from last year's LC Championship meet, a time achieved in the stroke and distance during the qualifying period, a time achieved in the initial leg of a relay or a time achieved over an initial distance in a longer race.

    ENTRY TIMES: No Times (NT) are not allowed. Entry times for individual and relay events shall be the athlete’s fastest times achieved during the current qualifying period. (USA Swimming Rule 207.9.4.A) The fastest long course meter times shall be used. If a swimmer does not have a long course meter qualifying time, then a qualifying short course meter or short course yard time may be used. Events will be seeded with long course meter times as the fastest times followed by short course meter times and then short course yard times. Entries must be made using actual times. Time conversion is not permitted.

    RELAY ENTRIES: Relay teams and times may be entered in one of the following ways:

    Intact Relay from current season (time achieved between September 1, 2017 and entry deadline) The time belongs to the team and may be entered without additional qualifications.

    Intact Relay with time achieved between July 1, 2017 and August 31, 2017 All athletes on that relay team must be eligible to compete at the 2018 Long Course National Championship Meet and all four swimmers must be entered in the meet.

    Composite Relay The names of each athlete comprising the relay entry must appear on the team entry.

    Athlete surcharge: $15.00 per entered athlete (including Relay-only swimmers) 

    Individual event fee: $15.00 per event

    Time Trials:$20.00 per event

    Relay Event Fee: $40.00 per entered relay

    Coach Deck-pass:$20.00 per identified coach at on-line entry time

    Coach Deck-pass:$60.00 per coach who was not identified as attending during the on-line entry 

    Sponsorship (Optional):$50.00 to be an identified sponsor of the championship meet 

    PSYCH SHEETS: Psych sheets will be available on the National Championship website. Any entry time issues should be brought to Team & Coaches Check-in at the Meet by the Coach. Do not contact the Meet Director or Entry Chairperson prior to Check-in. 

    OFFICIALS AND TIMERS : A large number of officials are needed to properly handle a meet like this with multiple sessions and chase starts. There is a need for both YMCA Level I and YMCA Level II Officials during Prelims, Finals and Time Trials each day. All officials attending the meet are strongly encouraged to sign up to work at the meet.

    In order to bring a high degree of consistency to the officiating, officials are asked to work as many sessions as possible, but at least four sessions over the course of the week. Officials working at the Prelims will receive breakfast and lunch in the Hospitality Room. Officials working at the Finals will receive a light snack in the Hospitality Room.

    APPLICATION TO OFFICIATE: Anyone wishing to officiate for the swimming events in the meet should complete the application form available on web site

    and then forward it to the Committee as follows:

    Surface Mail: Rick Carson Box 209 St. Peter’s, Pa 19470.

    TIMER REQUIREMENTS: It may be necessary to solicit volunteer timers, in which case timing assignments will be made based on the number of athletes entered in the meet by the larger YMCA teams. In such a case, the selected YMCAs will be notified within two days after the Entry Deadline of their assigned timer responsibilities. It will then be the responsibility of the Head Coach or team volunteer coordinator to provide a list of the volunteers to fill the assigned Timer slots at Registration. Volunteer timers will be expected to attend the Officials meeting immediately before the session at which they are timing. If volunteer Timers are requested, to the extent possible, it would be helpful if such volunteers could work more than one session.

    OFFICIALS REGISTRATION AND PRE-MEET MEETING: All officials working the meet should register at Official’s Registration. Official’s Registration will be held in the Registration Room beginning on Day 1 and throughout the week. At Official’s Registration, officials will receive their credentials, shirts and instructions.

    For those who register to officiate, there will be a mandatory meeting on Day 1. After Day 1, there will be a mandatory briefing in the official’s room prior to each session.

    ATTIRE: The uniform for the Prelims will be the appropriate colored meet shirt (provided at officials registration) and khaki slacks/pants, shorts, skorts or skirts (no shorter than 4” above the knee). Officials who worked at the 2018 Short Course meet are asked to bring their two uniform shirts (red, white) provided at that meet.

    The uniform for Finals (including day 1 events) will be a White Oxford or polo shirt and long navy blue pants (no shorts, skorts or skirts please).

    Officials will only be admitted to the pool complex with appropriate credentials (issued at Officials registration). These credentials must be displayed at all times. Officials are only admitted to the deck for sessions that they are working.

    CLASSES FOR OFFICIALS: Training classes will be offered for officials and trainers at the meet. See Schedule of Activities for specific times and locations. Courses offered are: Swim Officials Trainer Training, Facilitation Skills for Trainers, Swim Officials Level I Training, and Swim Officials Level II Training.

    Training Info:

    BACKGROUND CHECK POLICY: Each Official and Timer is subject to a background check to be performed by the Championship Meet Committee at no cost to the individual. 

    EET CHECK-IN PROCEDURE: Check-in will take place at the University of Maryland, Eppley Aquatic Center Team Check-in Room (West Gym). If the coach checks-in their team on Monday, there will be 5 Check-in stations. The head coach (or coach in charge of the team) should complete the Check-in process. Attending assistant coaches identified during the on-line entry process do not need to participate in the Check-in process.

    Note: After Monday’s Check-in, teams/coaches may Check-in at designated times during the meet. The process will be the same, but there will be no individual stations.

    ATTENDING COACHES UNABLE TO BE LISTED DURING ON-LINE ENTRY PROCESS: Any coach, who was not able to be selected as attending the meet during the on-line entry process, must also complete this Check-in process at the meet. Note: A deck fee of $60 will be assessed and the coach must show current proof of certifications. You will need to complete the registration process at Coach Check-in.

    CHECK-IN HELP STATION (Station # 1):

    If a coach did not have their Insurance Certificate sent to YMCA of USA in Chicago, he/she must present it at the Coaches Check-in Help Station.

    If a coach did not Fax their signed Declaration form prior to arriving at the meet, he/she must present this information at this station.

    In addition, if the coach has any questions about the process, he/she should stop at this station.

    PROOF OF TIMES STATION (Station #2): If the team has been selected for Proof of Times for one or more of their entries, the coach must proceed to the Proof of Times station before proceeding to the Coach Check-in Station. See Proof of Times section for details on selection process and proving times.

    If the coach has identified an error in their entries, he/she should also stop at this station.

    Scratch and relay cards will be available and accepted at this station.

    COACH CHECK-IN STATION (Station #3): All coaches must stop at this station to Check-in. Information is collected and several forms will be printed. An invoice will be printed for the meet entries fees that the coach

    will need to present at Station #4. A Team pickup form will be printed that the coach needs to present at Station #5.

    PAYMENT STATION (Station #4): The head coach presents the invoice (from Station #3) and, if entry fees were not paid on-line by credit card, pays team entry fees by cash or check. Checks should be made payable to: YMCA of the USA-2018 Long Course.

    PICK-UP STATION (Station #5): The head coach presents the team pick- up form (from station #3) and all Parent Consent and Liability Waivers and Concussion Awareness Forms for his/her athletes. Coaches also present their signed Photo release forms (required of all coaches) at this Station.

    The coach will receive the athlete credentials, athlete gifts, team information packet, coaches’ gift, and coaches’ deck passes.

    NEW COACHES MEETING: All new coaches (not just new teams) are invited to meet at the New Coaches Meeting on Monday to go over meet procedures and answer any questions they may have regarding the national meet. This meeting creates a setting for new coaches to ask questions they might not be comfortable asking in front of all the experienced national coaches at the Coaches Meeting.

    COACHES MEETING: At least one coach from each team is expected to attend the Coaches Meeting on Monday. Rules and procedures will be reviewed along with introductions of the Championship Meet Committee and the Facilities staff.

    PROOF OF TIMES: USA-S SWIMS: If the swimmers’ entry times cannot be verified in the USA-S SWIMS database, then they are subject to being randomly selected for proof of the entry time. A 15% or less random sampling of entry times not reconciled against SWIMS will be selected for Proof of Times

    The teams randomly selected will be notified via email within 3 days after the Entry deadline. The email address which will be used is the email address entered during the On-line Entry Process. The selected teams will also be posted at Only the specifically selected times must be proved.

    All proof of times will be performed during the Meet Check-in process. Do not send proof of times to the Entry Chair or Meet Director.

    The entered time (seed time) must be proven to the hundredth of a second. 

    Failure to have proof will result in elimination of that athlete from that specific event unless heats have been seeded, in which case it counts as an event and they may not swim in it.

    Proof may be printed from the SWIMS database. Results for meets not in SWIMS must be official printed meet results.

    High school swim meets are swum under NFHS rules, which differ from the USA-S technical rules in a number of areas. For a time from a high school meet to be accepted, that meet must have been observed by USA-S or YMCA officials in accordance with USA-S Rule 202.8. The printed results of the event must show the USA-S Observed Meet number issued by the LSC and must be signed by one of the USA-S or YMCA observers.

    Coaches are reminded that other factors may require a team to prove USA-S non-reconciled times. This includes, but is not limited to, a protest from another coach.

    PROVING A RELAY TIME: The intact relay time or individual times that comprise a composite entry time must be proved. If the intact time was achieved between July 1, 2017 and August 31, 2017, then the members of that relay must also be entered on the team’s official entry. If a composite time is used, all athletes in the composite must be entered on the team’s official entry.

    MISSTATED TIMES: If a time is misstated in an event, the proven time will be accepted provided proof can be shown that the athlete’s time is at or below the Time Standard for that event. A penalty fee for misstated times will be $25.00 per individual event and $50.00 for relays. Misstated times will be corrected providing the scratch box has not been closed for that day. There will be no penalty fee for misstated letters (Y, S or L).

    Under no circumstances will a time-change be accepted that is faster than the seed time entered during the on-line entry process, even if a faster time can be proved. 

    RULES: The meet will run under the Rules that Govern YMCA Competitive Sports, Addendum to the Rules that Govern YMCA Competitive Sports, and USA-S Technical Rules.

    RESPONSIBILITY OF COACHES AND ATHLETES: It shall be the responsibility of the coaches and athletes to acquaint themselves with all information pertaining to swim-offs, Finals, and their participation therein, and other related meet data including scratch procedures.

    MEET FORMAT: The meet will be swum using a Timed Finals and Prelims & Finals format depending on the event. Swimmers age will be determined as of first day of the meet.

    EVENT SEEDING: Events will be seeded Slowest to Fastest (except the 1500 freestyle, 800 freestyle and 800 freestyle relay) with non-conforming entry times (short course meter and short course yard) seeded first. The Meet Referee/Administrative Official reserves the right to combine heats.

    HEAT SHEETS: Coaches may pick up their session heat sheet at the HELP Desk on the pool deck. Officials will pick up their Heat Sheet in the officials’ meeting for the session.

    WARM UP AND POOL ENTRY: During designated warm up sessions, athletes may only enter the competition pools from the starting ends. At all times other than competition, athletes are expected to use a three-point entry in which they sit on the edge of the pool then slide into the pool gently, with one hand on the wall. The exception is during specific warm up periods when sprint lanes are designated for practicing racing starts.

    Coaches are responsible for the safety of their athletes and are expected to monitor them at all times during warm up sessions. No team has exclusive rights to any pool lanes during warm up period, during or before the start of the meet. Teams will need to share lane space and work cooperatively in reflection of the YMCA values and sportsmanship.

    The policy for the use of training equipment is:

    - Training equipment is not allowed in the competition pool at any time during warm-ups.

    • -  Training equipment will be allowed in the instructional pool when general warm-ups are taking place in the competition pool.

    • -  Once the competition pool switches to specific warm-up then training equipment in no longer allowed in the instructional pool.

    • -  Training equipment will not be allowed in the instructional pool when prelims, time trials or finals sessions are taking place in the competition pool.

    • -  The coach whose athletes are utilizing training equipment should monitor its use to insure a safe environment for all athletes.

    RELAY CHECK-IN PROCEDURE: Prelims Teams will not need to file a relay form for Prelims if the same swimmers who were entered during the on-line entry process will swim in Prelims in the same order as entered. If the swimmers in Prelims are different than the swimmers entered on-line (or in a different order), then a relay form must be filed.

    Prelims Relay forms will be available at the Proof of Times table during registration or at the Scratch/Relay table and HELP Desk during the meet. The head coach shall list the team name and the competing relay swimmers (last and first names) in the order that they will swim. Relay entry forms for Prelims must be turned in to the Scratch/Relay table 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the relays. Relay changes may be declared at any time prior to the start of the heat, but the coach MUST submit a “change” relay card to the Deck Referee prior to the start of the relay’s heat.

    Finals -Teams qualifying for Finals will not need to file a relay form for Finals if the same Swimmers who swam in Prelims will swim the same order in Finals. If the swimmers in Finals are different than the swimmers in Prelims (or in a different order), then a relay form must be filed. All other instructions and conditions shown above shall apply.

    SCRATCH PROCEDURES: Once entries have been submitted, an athlete is considered entered into an event unless he/she scratches from that event. If an athlete does not scratch from an event and does not swim the event, that event still counts toward the athlete’s total number of events for the meet. The USA-S scratch procedures (USA-S Rule 207.11.6) will be followed, as modified for this Meet and set forth below: Scratch cards will be available from the Scratch table and the HELP Desk.

    SCRATCHING FROM PRELIMS: The athlete or coach must complete and submit a Scratch card to the Scratch table by 5:00 PM on the day

    prior to the event. For the Day 1 events, the Scratch table will close at 1:00 PM on Day 1.

    SCRATCHING FROM A TIMED FINALS EVENT: Athletes may scratch from a timed Finals event in accordance with the procedures for Scratching from Prelims.

    SCRATCHING FROM FINALS: For an athlete initially qualifying for the A, B, or C Finals, the swimmer or his/her coach, must notify the scratch table within 30 minutes following the announcement of his/her name as a finalist that he/she will not compete in Finals in that event.

    If there have been scratches from a Final event, the Administrative Referee will attempt to notify any swimmer moved up into finals.

    Failure to compete in a Finals Event from which the athlete has not scratched shall disqualify the athlete from the remainder of the meet. However, no penalties shall apply for failure to compete in Finals if the referee is notified in the event of injury or illness and accepts the proof thereof, or it is determined by the referee that failure to compete is caused by circumstances beyond the control of the athlete.

    DECLARATION OF INTENT TO SCRATCH: An athlete qualifying for A, B, C Finals (or his/her coach), based upon the results of the Prelims in an event, may notify the Scratch/Relay table within 30 minutes after announcement of the qualifiers for that event that he/she may not compete in the Finals of the event, pending the results of a subsequent individual Prelims event in which he/she is entered. The athlete (or his/her coach) must declare his/her final intentions within 30 minutes following their last individual Prelims event (USA-S Rule 207.11.6E(2)). If the athlete (or his/her coach) does not declare his/her final intention, it will be assumed the athlete has chosen not to scratch from the Finals of the original event. If the athlete then fails to compete in this Finals Event, he/she shall be barred from further competition for the remainder of the meet (USA-S Rule 207.11.6D(1)).

    DECLARED FALSE START: An athlete may also withdraw from a Prelims heat or swim-off by electing to take a declared false start. Such declaration must be made known to the Deck Referee before the heat or swim off is announced. A declared false start counts as an event swum for the athlete and will be counted in the maximum number of events allowed for each athlete. 

    NO SHOW: An athlete who is seeded in a preliminary event and fails to compete (i.e., a “no show”) shall not compete in any further individual or relay events on that day unless the athlete and/or coach declares an intent to swim to the Administrative Referee prior to the next scheduled event for the athlete.

    In addition, the athlete shall not be seeded in any individual events on succeeding days unless that athlete and/or coach declares intent to swim prior to the close of the scratch box for the next day’s events.

    (Note that under USA-S rules, a no show is automatically barred from all further individual and relay events for that day (Rule 207.11.6C); we are easing that burden, particularly for relay swimmers.)

    SWIM-OFFS: In the event a swim-off is necessary, the meet Admin Referee will set a time for the swim-off which will not be any later than 45 minutes after the last heat of any event in which any of the swimmers in the swim-off is competing. (USA Swimming Rule 102.5.2).

    TIMING: The timing of all swimming events will be posted to the hundredths of a second. In the case of a tie to the hundredths of a second in a preliminary event, swim offs will be scheduled, as necessary, in accordance with Rule 102.5.2.

    INITIAL SPLITS: Coaches desiring a time for an initial split in an individual or relay event must complete the appropriate form and present it to the Deck Referee prior to the swim in question so that additional timers can be provided as a back-up to the timing system. Forms are available at the HELP Desk. Coaches may be asked to provide one or more timers for their athletes.

    HELP DESK: General meet information, Heat Sheets, Bio Forms, Facility Information, Relay Change Cards, Requests for a Time for Initial Split, etc. can be obtained at the HELP Desk, located on the pool deck.

    SWIMS (USA-S): This meet has been approved by USA Swimming. Therefore, all individual times will be automatically submitted for entry into SWIMS as long as USA-S ID numbers have been included with your entry.

    DISTANCE EVENTS: The 1500 meter Freestyle event is a timed final and is swum fastest to slowest alternating Women’s and Men’s heats. The Deck Referee may combine the slowest heats if warranted.

    The 800 meter Freestyle event is a timed final and is swum fastest to slowest. The top 8 seeded competitors swim at night. 

    The 800 meter Freestyle Relay is a Timed Final with the fastest two seeded heats swum at night. The heats during morning preliminaries will be swum fastest to slowest. The two evening heats will be swum slow to fast.

    FINALS: For Individual events, the heat order is “C”-Heat (bonus heat), followed by “B”-Heat (consolation heat), and followed by “A”-Heat (Finals heat).

    For Relay events, the heat order is “B”-Heat (consolation heat) followed by the “A”-Heat (Finals heat). 


    For Prelims both ends of the pool will be used for starts. ODD heats will start at Warm-up Pool end and EVEN heats will start at Diving Board end. Exceptions: all heats of 50 meter events will start at the Diving Board end of the pool; all heats of the 800M and 1500M Freestyles, the 200M relays and the 800M relays will start at the Warm-up Pool end of the pool.

    For Finals 50M events will start at Diving Board end of the pool and all other events will start at Warm-up Pool end of the pool.

    RESULTS: Any results displayed on the scoreboard or Meet Mobile are unofficial until final results are published. Results will be posted on the pool deck and in the Spectator Lobby. Final results are available on our website ( and Meet Mobile.

    PROTEST PROCEDURE: Protests may only be initiated by a person with standing, that is, a coach or YMCA Manager whose team is competing in the meet. Eligibility protests (prior to the meet and at the meet) will be heard by an Eligibility Committee. The Eligibility Committee will investigate and make a ruling.

    The USA-S protest procedures (Rule 102.23) will be followed, as modified for this Meet, and set forth below:

    All protests must be made using the Protest Form and delivered to the Meet Referee. Protest Forms can be obtained from the HELP Desk.

    For protests made prior to a race, concerning the eligibility of an athlete(s) to compete, the Eligibility Committee will endeavor to resolve the protest before the start of the race in question. If the Eligibility Committee cannot resolve the issue before the race is swum, 

    the affected athlete(s) shall be allowed to swim under protest and that fact shall be announced.

    All other protests must be made to the Meet Referee, using the Protest Form, within 30 minutes after the conclusion of the race in which the alleged infraction occurred.

    Protests against the judgment decisions of starters, stroke, turn, place and relay take-off judges can only be considered by the Referee and the Referee’s decisions will be final. Any questions concerning judgments by deck officials should first be addressed to the particular Deck Referee, and then to the Meet Referee, as appropriate.

    The Meet Executive Committee will serve as the Meet Jury and will consider all other protests lodged against the Meet. Their decisions will be final.

    The results of any protested race will not be announced, any awards will not be given and any points will not be allocated until the protest is resolved or withdrawn, in writing.

    CONDUCT AND RESTRICTIONS: The Meet Referee reserves the right to dismiss any swimmer, coach and/or spectator from the competition due to inappropriate conduct

    • ·  Deck access is limited to only registered and approved coaches, swimmers, working officials, and approved photographers.

    • ·  Changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is not appropriate and is prohibited. Changing in the Athlete Village is prohibited. The USA Swimming Rulebook defines Deck Change as: Changing, in whole or in part, into or out of a swimsuit (excluding a drag suit) in an area other than a permanent or temporary locker room, bathroom, changing room or other space designated for changing purposes while at a practice, competition, or other pool-related activity.” This includes slipping off the top of a one-piece performance suit to place on an alternate bikini top.

    • ·  Glass, Food, and Chairs are not permitted on deck. Glass is not permitted in the Athletes Village.

    • ·  Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials and/or spectators are present. 

      • ·  The use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.

      • ·  Photographs may not be taken behind the block during competition and warm-ups.

      • ·  Massage tables are not permitted.

      • ·  Individuals are responsible for the security of their personal belongings

        and are encouraged not to bring valuables to the meet venue and not

        to leave items unattended.

      • ·  Swimmers are permitted in the spectator stands but should not impact

        spectator seating by occupying prime seat areas.

      • ·  Shaving is not permitted in any areas of the venue including the

        Athlete Village.

      • ·  All YMCAs are required to comply with the YMCA of the USA's Graphic

        Standards for apparel and banners.

      • ·  Team banners can be hung in Pool area. See the University of

        Maryland facilities staff for help in hanging banners. Plan to use only blue painters tape, removable hooks or tie wraps. Do not use duct tape or anything that would leave a residue on the wall.


      EVENT AWARDS: Medals will be awarded to the winners of the first eight places in each event including relays. Ribbons will be awarded for ninth through sixteenth places. Plaques/trophies will be awarded to winning relay teams. Plaques/trophies will be awarded to the three high point scoring teams for men’s and women’s swimming teams. A combined point award will be given to the team combining the highest total number of points from both men’s and women’s events (a team must have scored in both the men's and women's events in order to place for the combined award). The top team for men, women and combined also receives a banner.

      SWIMMING AWARD PRESENTATIONS: Individual event awards will be presented the evening that they are swum, except for the 1500 Freestyles which will be presented the next evening.

      When a relay is the last event of the evening, the award will be immediately after the completion of the relay on the day on which it is swum. On the last evening of the meet, the last relay awards will be presented before the team trophies. 

      AWARD PRESENTATION PROTOCOL: Award presentations will be

      immediately after the A-Finals heat of each individual and relay event.

      After swimming in their heat, athletes in the B and A Finals heats should immediately gather their belongings and report to the awards staging area. Award presentations will not wait for all athletes to report. In the event the swimmer is unable to participate in the ceremonies, we ask that a substitute swimmer standin. However, any switching of swimmers should not interfere with presentation of awards.

      All award winners must wear apparel that is appropriate and acceptable to the Championship Meet Committee. You must wear a shirt with sleeves or jacket (team warm-up jacket is preferable) on the award stand. No caps, towels, water bottles, costumes, or theme attire are permitted on the awards stand.

      PARADE OF ATHLETES: Prior to Day 2’s Finals, athletes and officials will parade around the pool for Opening Ceremonies. Athletes are encouraged to wear costumes/attire related to the Parade theme.

      PARADE OF ATHLETES PROTOCOL: We are all blessed to be a part of the rich history and tradition that makes up the YMCA National Swimming Championships. One feature that separates this meet from other National Championships is the Parade of Athletes. The splendor of the parade helps to make YMCA Nationals a unique and unforgettable experience.

      The parade is also a powerful vehicle to promote our image and values, and to preserve the tradition of the YMCA National Championships. It provides each team with a unique opportunity to represent its identity within the YMCA Championship meet theme. We are looking for our athletes to add to the meet experience and showcase something special about their state, league or YMCA.

      In choosing to take part in the parade, our athletes are not only representing themselves. They are also representing their coaches, their home YMCAs, their state, and YMCA swimming as a whole. We ask that our coaches and team leadership work with their athletes to ensure that our parade remains a mature, tasteful, and YMCA-appropriate activity. In this way, the parade will showcase all of the positive and dignified aspects of our championship meet that we would like to be broadcasted locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide.

      Please help us continue to improve this great tradition and ensure that it is a part of the YMCA National Championships for a long, long time. 

      SENIOR RECOGNITION: Graduated Seniors will be recognized on Day 3 prior to Prelims. Their names will be included in the daily program/heat sheet.

      COACH OF THE MEET: The Coach of the Meet Award (given in memory of Larry Lyons, a former coach of M E Lyons swim team) recognizes the coach/coaching staff that has prepared team for extraordinary performances at these Championships. The Award will be determined by a vote of coaching peers at the meet. Consideration criteria may include significant improvement from previous years, sustaining exceptional results from year to year and record setting efforts. 

      1. EMERGENCIES: the facility personnel will handle all emergencies at the meet. These individuals will provide CPR and first aid as needed and will ensure that individuals with serious injuries are transported immediately to the nearest hospital for further treatment. Defibrillators will be on site.

        Any coach, athlete or official who recognizes an emergency situation should immediately inform the facility’s personnel and then make sure the vicinity of the emergency is clear for the emergency personnel to do their job.

        LIGHTNING POLICY: The National Lightning Safety Institute, National Athletic Trainers Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, USA Swimming, and YMCA of the USA all recommend or require closing an indoor pool during an electrical storm. See Appendix 5 for YMCA of the USA policy and procedures which will be followed. 

      CONCUSSION AWARENESS: This meet will follow the YMCA of USA Concussion procedure. Anyone who observes or has knowledge of a potential head injury should immediately notify lifeguards and/or hired medical personnel. See Appendix 6 for YMCA of the USA policy and procedures which will be followed. 

      ADMISSION TO SPECTATOR AREA: An admission fee is required for admission to the spectator seating area except for children (7 years and younger) and for participating coaches and swimmers. On-line advance all- sessions admission wristband sales and on-site all-sessions, daily, and specific-session admission sales will be available.

      Admission Wristband Advance Sales: On-line advance sales are only available for ALL-sessions admission wristbands. The link to the purchase advance sale of all-session wristbands is available at: All sales are non- refundable.

      Advanced purchases of all-sessions admission wristbands may be picked up on Day 1 at the Spectator’s entrance to the pool (see Schedule of Activities for times). Advance purchases of all-sessions admission wristbands may also be picked at the Spectator’s entrance to the pool immediately prior to and during the competition sessions.

      Advance sale prices for all-sessions admission wristbands are:

      $65.00 per adult wristband that provides both admission and a heat sheet for all sessions.

      $35.00 per child wristband (8- 18 years old) that provides admission-only for all sessions.

      No charge for children 7 and younger

      Admission Sales at the Meet: Wristbands for All-Sessions admission wristbands may be purchased on Day 1 at the Spectator’s entrance to the pool (see Schedule of Activities for times). Daily admission and session-specific admissions can be purchased each day at the Spectator’s entrance to the pool prior to and during competition sessions. All sales are non-refundable.

      The prices at the meet are:

      $75.00 per adult wristband that provides both admission and a heat sheet for all sessions.

      $35.00 per child wristband (8- 18 years old) that provides admission only for all sessions.

      $18.00 per adult daily wristband that provides admission to Prelims and Finals sessions with heat sheets

      $9.00 per child daily wristband that provides admission to Prelims and Finals sessions

      $10.00 per adult wristband that provides admission to either one Prelims or one Finals session with heat sheet.

      $5.00 per child wristband (8- 18 years old) that provides admission to one Finals session.

      $3.00 per child or adult (includes Heat Sheet) for Day 1 - Only evening competition

      No charge for children 7 and younger

      Wristbands must be secured and worn on the wrist of the purchaser at all times while in the Natatorium.

      Heat Sheets: Spectators who purchased an adult all-sessions wristband or purchase session-specific admission may pick up their heat sheet at the Heat Sheet Table simply by showing their wristband.

      Athlete Parade on Day 2: Spectators who have not purchased an all-sessions admission wristband wishing to ONLY attend the Day 2 evening opening ceremonies will be admitted for free. These spectators will be given a special wrist band which allows them access to a separate section in the stands. Spectators in this section will be asked to leave after the opening ceremonies are complete.

      SPECTATOR AREA: The upper level stands are primarily for spectators. Although athletes and coaches are allowed in these areas, they cannot occupy prime spectator seating areas or areas where spectators prefer to sit. Spectators always have priority seating over coach/team/swimmer seating in the spectator seating area.

      HANDICAP SEATING: Handicap seating is available in the Spectator Area. 

      SEAT SAVING: For many teams and individuals, there is a tradition of sitting together during our National Meets. We believe that many lifelong friendships are established and/or enhanced by this experience, and that it is an important part of YMCA Nationals. However, out of courtesy and fairness, we maintain seat saving procedures for spectators sitting in the grandstand. Spectators for whom seats are being saved must be in their seats by 8:15 AM. At 8:15 AM each morning of competition, our announcer will ask anyone saving a seat to please remove whatever they may be using to do this. Then, those saving seats will be asked to either move in or out so that someone else may sit in the spot that was being saved. We are hopeful that our parents and friends will help us maintain a respectful environment.

      ATHLETE APPAREL: Commemorative apparel, swim suits, googles, general apparel, and other merchandise will be available.

      CONCESSIONS: Concessions will be available on the Spectator level of the complex.

      LOST AND FOUND - Any found item deemed of value (e.g. cell phone, tablet, or wallet) will be immediately turned into the facility supervisors. There will be a red bin on the pool deck where found swim suits, towels, clothing, water bottles, etc. will be collected.


      • Camcorder operators’ equipment will not be permitted to take up seats in the spectator area.

      • No flash photography will be allowed at the START of the race.

      • Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone camera, is prohibited in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.

      • Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs: There is No Smoking, Alcohol or Drugs permitted in the Eppley Recreation Center Complex. The University of Maryland is a Smoke Free campus.

      • Spectators are not allowed on the pool deck.

      • Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children. Children are not allowed to roam the facility unattended.

      • No outside food, snacks, beverages, thermos or cooler are permitted in spectator seating area.

      • Only Coaches, Swimmers and Meet Personnel are allowed in the Athlete Village



      Parking on the campus of University of Maryland is entirely controlled by the university. All persons attending the swim meet must abide by their rules and regulations.

      The university has designated the Terrapin Trail Garage as the primary parking location for our attendees. The overflow location will be in Lot

      4B. Both of these locations are just north of the Eppley Recreation Center.

      Handicap Permit only parking spaces will be available near the Eppley Recreation Center.

      The location for busses to drop off teams will be posted on the website once that location has been designated.

      Parking costs and a link to purchase parking passes on-line will be posted on the website when the university makes them available.

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