Pre-season Swim Clinic

Apr 8, 2018 (07:00 PM) - May 27, 2018 (08:00 PM)
April 6, 2018


We are offering a Pre-Season Swim Clinic to our Frogger Families at the Propel Swim Academy, located behind Dulles Veterinary Hospital.  This will be held on Sundays from 4-5pm for 8 weeks starting April 8th thru May 27th.   The cost will be $180 for the full session.  If you have not done so already, please sign up on the Frogger Website and register at

 www.Propelswimacademy.com, click Member login (or send them this direct link into our system https://propel.app.keeptrack.dk/user

Add parent/swimmer information
You will NOT have the option to pick a class (Just hit NEXT)
You can add a payment option to pay by card OR bring a check on April 8th.  

We feel this would be a great oppotunity to help our kids be more prepared for Summer swim team by getting into the water early and re-introducing them to stroke techniques and building up their stamina.   Your child(ren) will need to be able to swim one length of the pool porficiently in order to participate. 

If you want a program to help your child complete the swim test to be on the Frogger team, you can check out the Propel Swim Academy site for additional classes. www.propelswimacademy.com.