Raffle Info and Easy Buy Option

February 28, 2018 - April 29, 2018
April 28, 2018


It’S EvErYoNe’S FaVoRiTe TiMe Of YeAr!



What:Our end of the season fundraiser which takes place during the team banquet. 

When: you have until now-April 29th to sell as many raffle tickets as possible to help the team and add fund to your OCCS account.

Why:Every year the team is presented with more operational costs, which forces OCCS to raise tuition fees. If everyone does their part and sells at least 25 tickets, this will give the team a financial buffer and can help with rising costs instead of passing them on to you (the members). 

What: Each raffle ticket should be sold for $2.00 which will be provided to your swimmer at practice. We ask that each family will sell at least 25 tickets; equally $50.00. We will also be offering a way to purchase them online as well as an easy access option through team unify (stay tuned for that info). After each family sells 25, we will split the ticket funds with you (ie. you get $1, we get $1 for every extra ticket you sell). 

How:Checks and Cash are accepted for the tickets you sell (checks payable to OCCS). You may pick up extra tickets at CPAC, from lead coaches at your site, parent volunteers or you may email and arrange for more tickets to be in your envelope upon the initial distribution which will take place the week of March 11-18th. 

Online sales will be offered through the River Raffle portal, which we will be emailing the set up instructions later today. 

Easiest Option-If you would like to just have the raffle tickets charged to your account, we will have an option to do so through team unify. You will sign up for this option just like a meet, but in the comment box, please let us know how many tickets you would like to be placed in the raffle for you. Example: Kelly Call/25 Tickets 

From there, we will bill your account $50 and put your raffle tickets in the collection for you. 

ONLINE SALES: On March 5th, you should have received directions on how to set up your online sales option through the River Raffle website. You can share the raffle through social media (facebook, etc) or email to your friends and family. You do NOT need to log tickets that you have sold in person through this site.

Prizes: We have chosen a retro theme this year to provide some unique prizes like lava lamps, swatch watches, fanny packs and more fun items. But of course we haven't forgotten about the very popular Apple items, Beats by Dre, Speedo items, video game consoles, OCCS swag and gift cards galore. Stay tuned, we will update prizes as we receive them! If you would like to donate a prize (service or gift) we would really appreciate it! We would love to use your business on our sponsor page, highlight your contribution at the banquet and provide you a tax ID number for your charitable donation. Please let Coach Kelly know if you are interested. 

Few more facts:To win, you do not need to be present to win. However some raffle prizes will be given to the “seller” rather than the “buyer” if they are OCCS items or Autographed OCCS items. The winner of the items will be called if they are not present, or given to the seller to be delivered. All monies will be collected at the banquet and accounts will be credited within the following two weeks. If you will not be attending the banquet, please turn in raffle money to Coach Kelly (PWE), Coach Lauren (MC) or Coach Joan (WARF) or deliver it to CPAC at anytime. 


Thank you so much for your support, 

Coach Kelly