Ohio LSC Open Water Champs @ Acton Lake Oxford, OH (CAC)

June 27, 2018
June 1, 2018


This is an awesome opportunity to try a completely different style of swim racing.  Open water swimming is to Pool Swimming as Cross Country is to Track.... same general idea, but excitingly different!

In order to qualify for this event, athletes must have achieved the National BB time for the distance event of their age group.

10&unders: 200 Freestyle time is used for qualifying

11&up: 400/500 Freestyle time is used for qualifying

In addition to competing as an individual, athletes compete as a team where the top three finishers in a given age/gender category combine times to form a 'relay' (you only have to swim 1x though, same swim time is used for individual and relay!).  So...... if you have qualified, please strongly consider participating so that we can be competitive in that team portion of the meet!    Talk with Coach Jim or Coach CJ if you have questions (it's awesome!!!!!)