2018 April Sprint Series

Apr 14, 2018 (02:00 AM)
March 28, 2018
Blue,Green,TECHFIT 1,TECHFIT 2 (First Month's,Quarterly,Yearly Dues)


This is our first meet for our long course season. For this meet we will only take our developmental 12 and under swimmers. 13 and over swimmers are not allowed to participate at this meet. Blue and Green Groups are allowed to attend, as well as our Tech-Fit group.

For our Blue and Green Groups:

This meet is offered to swimmers who are 12 and under and have less than B times. Your coach will let you know if you are attending this meet or if you are attending the April Long Course meet. 

For Tech-Fit groups:

This is a Developmental Meet for you to get ready  for the summer league meets. This is not a mandatory even and it is not required, but we will like to get the newer swimmers some experience raicing.  

Coach Kelli will be picking the events according to the ability of each swimmer.

Meet location is either Summer Creek High School, or Cy-Fair. We will know about a week before the meet. 

12 and under girls will swim in the mornings, and 12 and under boys  will swim in the afternoon.

Swimmers who are 13 and over will not be able to participate in this meet

The cost per event that each swimmer will swim is $5.75  and a  $11 Swimmer surcharge. 

Please leave a note in the notes section if you are not attending.