2018 Annual Spring Meeting

April 17, 2018 (07:00 PM) - April 17, 2018 (09:00 PM)
April 17, 2018


2018 Annual Spring Meeting

Tuesday April 17th

7:00 pm

LOCATION - Mercerwood Shore Club - Directions

All members are welcome and all clubs are expected to be represented.  If you are a parent rep and cannot attend, please make sure someone is sent to represent your club.  Coaches are always welcome, but not expected to attend unless representing their club.

If you are no longer representing your club as either a Parent Rep or Coach, please select the following link to remove your information from the website: Please remove me

If you have new contact information to share please use the appropriate link:

New Parent Rep Contact Information

New Head Coaches Contact Information

Please remember to bring the following:

  1. League Fees in the form of a check made out to 'Midlakes Swim League'
  • Swimming - $185
  • Diving - $60
  • Water Polo - $50
  1. Proof of Insurance (copy of certificate of liability). 
  • You also have the option to email a copy to the League Bookkeeper at any time prior to the Spring Meeting.
  • If your insurance renewal is due during the season we will need a copy of the current certificate and you will be responsible for forwarding a copy of the renewal to the League bookkeeper as soon as the document is available.
  1. Copy of your Club ByLaws
    • This is a new requirement for the 2018 Season. 
    • This must be submitted by the first day of eligible practice on May 1st.

The purpose of the Annual Spring Meeting will include, but is not limited to the following:

  •  Establishment by the membership of the annual dues and entry fees
  •  Divisional alignments
  •  Approve Operating Plan
  •  Rule on application for membership or expulsion of members
  •  Any other business deemed necessary for the operation of the League

Please be prepared to volunteer for the any of the League, Prelim and Division Champ meets that may be looking for a Host Club.

REMINDER:  The per swimmer fees for the 2018 season are due by June 1st.  Click here for more information regarding these League Insurance/Champ entry fees.