USA Swimming Top 10 Clinic

Jun 23, 2018 (02:00 AM)
June, 17 2018


This event will only be available to the Top 10 athletes with the highest points from each gender and age group at the Chicago Park District Spring Splash.


USA Swimming Sports Performance Consultants will work with the lead Chicago Park District coaches to facilitate this swim clinic. 


List of invited athletes is posted under the map.
If your athlete is not on the list below they can NOT attend)


Minimum age will be 11.
(Age is determined the first day of the Spring Splash swim meet)

Fees: This clinic is free for the invited athletes. (Limited Space: Only Athletes on the list below)

Times: 9:00pm-4:00pm (tentative)
This is an all day swim clinic. There will classroom presentations along with swim practice in the pool. Please bring a towel, swim suits, a lunch (and/or snacks), pencil/pen and notebook if your swimmer wants to take notes. 

Whitney Young High School - 211 S. Laflin Chicago IL 60607




Green Highlight indicates "commited to attend"

TOP 10 Clinic Approved Athletes

1 James K Kugler
2 John K Kugler
3 Manuel A Maya
4 Rafael Munoz
5 Jakub J Sura
6 Victor Garcia
7 Sergio Silva
8 Francisco Morquecho
9 Luis Espino
10 Suzana Sharaxhija
11 Natalia Bautista
12 Kate Fischer
13 Nicole Daraban
14 Elisa Montes
15 Daniel Galinski
16 Uriel Galarza
17 Edward Zhang
18 Jalen J Harris
19 Alejandro Mendez
20 Oscar Casimiro
21 Diego A Cano
22 Michael S Kugler
23 Zach M Fischer
24 Ruddy Rodriguez
25 Daniel Kocot
26 Kristina Muharremaj
27 Alicia Montes
28 Mikaela A. Hulliberger
29 Sara G Johnson
30 McKenna Ellis-Garcia
31 Alondra Martinez
32 Stephanie Hu
33 Teresa C Tikoo
34 Yiqi Kuang
35 Jessica Garduno
36 Sonya Ko
37 Nailah Estrada
38 Hilda Arellano
39 Noel Corral
40 Emmanuel Cisneros
41 Ryan Zhou
42 Diego Alvarez
43 Davion Nichols 
44 Henry Ruiz
45 Marvin D Gonzalez
46 Ricardo Marinez
47 Christian Vivar
48 Michael J Murray
49 Volodymyr Sobko
50 Thomas Hart
51 Melissa L Yu
52 Camila Bautista
53 Shannon Liu
54 Keilly Vasquez
55 Martha Palmentera-Reid
56 Susan Palmentera-Reid
57 Zayra Arellano
58 Anett A Montes-Gonzalez
59 Ruby L Hodges
60 Alexandra Hernandez