Marlin Madness

Apr 14, 2018 - Apr 15, 2018
April, 3 2018


Fun and local.  Short course yards format.  All swimmers who sign-up must be willing to swim in relays.  Please do not sign up unless you are willing to be on a relay.

Some Meet Sign-up Tips:

All SRST members receive meet info announcement emails.  This does not mean all swimmers are eligible for the swim meet.  Members must read the meet info.  Please pay attention to dates, eligibility, entry info and meet rules.

If you don't understand the meet info or just want advice please reach out to your direct coach to get advice on what events would be most appropriate.  It's also important to at some point be able to compare your swimmer's times to posted time standards and dequal time standards.  If you are confused about how to do this you should watch our two training videos:

VIDEO LINK (Note on the VIDEO 1 page there is a wealth of info to help you understand swim meets...the Swim Meet Sign-up Guide is highlighted in yellow.  There are 2 videos on this page.

Signing up for a meet is a comitment to pay for the meet even if you don't attend the meet (for any reason including injury and family emergency).

SRST charges $15 surcharge per meet (in addition to the meet fees outlined in the meet info).  This fee helps us pay for coaches hourly fees and mileage reimbursement and relay fees.

It is critical that members sign up for meets by the deadline posted by SRST (do not pay attention to the deadline in the meet info).  Asking to sign up after deadlines creates about 20 steps for Coach Ben and the Meet Director of the host team.  

Relays:  You do not need to sign up for relays.  Coaches make relays on race day based on who shows up.  Often when creating relays the computer will select names as placeholders and to establish an entry time.  You will see relays in your account, but again relays are made on site at the meet.  Exceptions are championships where the coaches work hard to establish relay commitments in advance.  If you are selected for a relay you are expected to swim for the team.  

Pre-Meet Email:  There will be a pre-meet email that goes out the week of the swim meet.  This email will have links to the published timelines and psych sheets (shows how the kids rank going into the meet).  Members with time on their hands can usually find this info before Coach Ben mails it out.  Just go to  Then click on Meet/Results...then click on the name of the meet.

Final note:  When the meet hosts create the entry file they often mess up the electronic file and thus the computer will allow you to enter events even if you are slower than the published time standards.  This is why it is critical to know your times, compare your times to the qualifying time standards and only enter events you are qualified for.  Remember individual members must pay for all events they enter even if you can't swim the event due to error.

Thank you! 

-Coach Ben