MACM Invitational

April 29, 2018
April 6, 2018


Location:  Tamiami Aquatic Center 11201 SW 24th Street Miami FL 33165 

Groups Attending:  AGD, AGP, S1, NP  SUNDAY ONLY

We will be attending Sunday April 29th only. 

  • All athletes in AGP, S1, NP will be entered. 
  • Now almost all AGD athletes are attending.  Please check entries to see your updated entry.

T2 Ininerary:
This is a timed final meet (athletes swim each event one time).  Check meet entries vs the meet notice to find out which session you are in. MACM Host Meet Page Link

Sunday Morning (12&Younger):

  • Arrival Time:  7:15 AM for land then water warm up.
  • Blue Shirt

Sunday Afternoon (13&Older):

  • Arrival Time:  11:30 AM for land then water warm up.
  • Blue Shirt

Odds and Ends:

  • Often meets in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area charge admission for spectators to enter the meet.  Please be prepared for that when entering the pool deck.
  • Athletes should bring a chair - in the past there have not been bleachers on the deck.
  • Athletes should pack plenty of water!
  • Updates will be posted to this webpage.  Please check back for any changes on warm up times or any other important updates during the meet.
  • Athletes should always bring a chair just in case.  We are going to try to sit as a team on the pool deck.
  • Wear T2 Gear.  Write your names on things (we all have the same stuff!).  Pack what you need, pack light - the pool deck will be "full" :)
  • Meet Notice, Timeline, Entries and Psych Sheets are often posted on the T2 website, Host Team website, as well as the Florida Swimming website.  
  • Please check the athlete entries vs the meet notice to make sure which days/sessions athletes are expected to swim in.
  • Websites:,