8 and Under Western Slope League Championships

Jul 13, 2018 (01:00 AM)
July 9, 2018


8 and Under League Championships in a 25 yard pool like ours. Friday morning in Grand Junction. All qualifiers should plan to attend. If your swimmer has legally swam any of the events this year that they are interested in, they will qualify for this meet. 

Meet Information: 

Commit for the LCM events here. Any 8 and Under swimmers who want to swim in the 25 Yard meet at the same pool please sign up under 8 and Under Western Slope Championships. 8 and Unders can commit to both the meets or just the 8 and Under. 

This meet is suitable for all swimmers on the team. This is the last meet of the season for most swimmers on our team.

All swimmers should try to make a strong effort to attend our Western Slope League Championships. This is our Championship Meet. Younger swimmers who have swam a "Legal" swim (not DQ'd) are able to swim in most events without a qualifying standard. If you see nQT* beside the event it means that if your swimmer can legally complete the specific event without a qualifying time if they have swam the event this year in a USA meet such as Aspen, Craig, or the Grand Junction Invite). This is a 3 day meet, we prefer that swimmers attend all 3 days but if that does not work for your family, your swimmer can attend either 1 or 2 days. Coaches will select all the swimmers events. Allways write a note when you commit if there is a day that your swimmer can not attend.

Lets try to get as many swimmers to Grand Junction as we can! Go SSST!

Location- Grand Junction