Spring ONLY 2018 Session

Apr 10, 2018 (02:00 AM) - Jun 8, 2018 (02:00 AM)
April 10, 2018


Attention: We are not able to provide costs on the summer session at this time. We are waiting to hear what will happen with Colburn pool and if it will be available for us to use this summer. There will be a city council meeting on April 2nd where a vote regarding the pool will take place. Please attend this meeting if you are able.

The meet schedule and practice schedules will be posted now to allow families to plan vacations and other summer activities. If we are not able to practice at Colburn, we will have a 25 yard pool substitute for morning practice. We are exploring alternative options for practicing in a 50 meter pool for the long course season.

Due to increased interest in our team, we will be placing caps on our swim groups. This is to allow all swimmers the space needed to reach their potential. Current team families will be allowed to register first, please register right away to secure your swimmers spot. Registration will then be opened to new families. Registration caps will be applied by group with tryouts required for our upper groups.


This is registration for the Spring Only Session 


Practice schedule:  Our first practice for spring session is Monday 4/23/18 at Southwest High School.







Spring/Summer combined

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Spring only session





Summer only session






A mandatory yearly USA insurance membership fee of $62 will be assessed in addition to the session fee if you have not been previously USA’d for 2018. Spring session runs 4/23/18 through 6/8/18.  Summer session runs 6/8/16 through Late July or Early August depending if you accomplish a state time.  If you do not have a state time the summer season ends 7/20/18.  If you have accomplished a state time the season runs through 8/3/18.

Spring practice is 4-5 times per week   Practice attendance is at your discretion. However, many of our swimmers attend all practices and see great rewards for their hard work and commitment to practicing.


A mandatory yearly USA insurance membership fee of $62 will be assessed in addition to the session fee if you have not been previously USA’d for 2018. Spring session runs 4/16/18 through 6/8/18. 

Scrip Program (This is no longer mandatory!): The GBSC Scrip program is a nice option for families wishing to help offset swim fees. GBSC offers a Scrip program for which 90% of the rebates earned will be credited to the individual swimmer’s account. The remaining 10% will go to the team to cover shipping costs.

These Scrip dollars can be used to pay swim dues, meet fees, apparel and any other item that might be billed to a swimmer’s account. The Scrip dollars are not transferable to cash and remain with the team should a swimmer leave.

Meet Schedule: Swim meets are on the weekends throughout the season beginning in June. Swimming at the meets is optional; however this is a great way to meet team members and parents.  We encourage wearing GBSC apparel and to sit together as a team at the meet. 


Spring & Summer meets offered:

May 19 Ashwaubenon Swim Club at Ashwaubenon Community Pool (25 yards)

May 19-20 SSTY at Schroeder Aquatic Center Sprint/Distance (50 meters)


June 1-3 HSSB at Howard Suamico Community Pool (25 yards)

June 8-10 Shorewood swim meet at Schroder Aquatic Center (50 meters)

June 16-17 FCYST at Erb Park pool prelim/finals (50 meters)

June 22-23 Southeastern Aquatics at the Rex Plex Pleasant Prairie (50 meters)


July 6-8 FCYST “Bird Bath” at Erb Park (50 meters)

July 20-22 Silver State at Schroeder Aquatic Center (50 meters)

July 27-29 12 & under state championship meet at Schroeder Aquatic Center (50 meters)


August 2-5 13 & over state championship meet at Rec Plex (50 meters)

**July 19-22 Summer Speedo Championships at Iowa City, IA – if interested in attending please contact Elise Lasecki