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Post-Medley Challenge - Host Families

May 28, 2018 (12:00 PM) - May 31, 2018
May 21, 2018
May 21, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Island Swimming Club needs approximately 8 to 12 host families to each host a pair of billets from Monday May 28th to Thursday May 31st after the Medley Challenge meet. The swimmers are from the University of Calgary Swim Club, aged 15-17. They've billeted with us in the past, and are looking forward to returning.
They will stay in a hotel for the duration of the Medley Challenge meet, and so will be picked up on Monday May 28th and be dropped off on Thursday May 31st. Further details to their schedule are forthcoming.
Host families will fulfill half their volunteer obligation for this meet. Host families will need to have submitted a criminal record check for every adult (18 years and older) in the household, as well as driver abstracts for those driving the billets between your home and the pool (see details below). Further details can be found in the Island Swimming Policy Manual (see section 9, Billeting Policies).
Please contact our Billet Coordinator, Marc Wensauer, at billets@islandswimming.com, if you have any questions.
Billeting is when a family welcomes a pair of visiting athletes into their home during the duration of an event. This Host Family offers a safe place for athletes to call “home”. Island Swimming Club has important meets that we attend and where we are offered billeting that proves to be valuable, convenient and reassuring.
Billeting offers a rewarding and exciting opportunity to families willing to open their homes to visiting athletes. Key benefits to your family and the Island Swimming Club when you volunteer to billet are:
•  Building lifelong relationships with athletes and their families;
•  Assisting young athletes by providing a safe and comfortable environment as they compete;
•  Providing a great social and cultural experience;
•  Assisting the visiting athletes lessen expenses, making participation in swimming and meets more accessible to all athletes; 
•  Helping to make the Island Swimming Club to be successful.
A thoughtful, caring family is important for each athlete coming into a home. Athletes can be overwhelmed being so far away from home, especially if it is for the first time. Host families will be responsible for the following in order to provide a comfortable experience to the athletes:
•  Treat the billet as you would want your child to be treated if he/she were away from home;
•  Inform the athlete of your expectations and house rules;
•  Make the athlete feel at home and comfortable (i.e.: provide a suitable area for sleeping);
•  Provide transportation to and from the competition venue;
•  Provide meals (breakfast and dinner) and snacks for the visiting athlete, just as you would your own swimmer(s);
•  Provide use of laundry facilities;
•  Confirm with the athlete any allergies, medical conditions, and special dietary needs and support them with these requirements;
•  Support the athlete, communicate with them and be understanding;
•  Communicate all concerns regarding the billets to the ISC Billet Coordinator (billets@islandswimming.com).
The visiting athletes have responsibilities as well. While guests in your home, ISC fully expects each billet to be well behaved. Some key expectations of the billeted swimmers are:
•  Show gratitude to the host family for opening their home;
•  Provide information to the host family regarding allergies, medical conditions, and special dietary needs;
•  Respect the host family as they would their own parents;
•  Respect the “house rules” as determined between the host family and the athlete; and, 
•  When unsure of anything, always ask.
A Criminal Record Check is required for every adult in the house 18 years of age or older; you can pick up a volunteer letter from the office to waive the CRC fee. Take the letter to your local police detachment to apply.
A driver's abstract will also be needed for anybody driving the billets to and from the pool. You can obtain them online via http://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/getting-licensed/Pages/Your-driving-record.aspx.
Submit completed CRC and drivers abstracts to the office or to me.