May 19, 2018 (02:00 AM) - May 20, 2018 (02:00 AM)
May, 7 2018


Location: RISD Aquatic Center 1205 T. L. Townsend - Rockwall, TX   -  469-698-7410

Who should swim at this meet? More info about B, BB and A times at the bottom of this page.

Swimmers are permitted to enter events with “No Time” (NT) or their times are slower than the “A” time standards as indicated by the 2017 – 2020 USA Swimming Motivational Time Standards.

Sign-up Deadline:  Monday May 7th, 2018

Number of swims allowed:

Swimmers are permitted to enter up to four (4) events per day / session. Swimmers who want to enter the 11 & Over 1000 Free must have at least a “B” time in the 500 Free. The 1000 free will take place in 13 and Over Session 3.

Awards: Ribbons will be awarded from 1st through 8th place in all events. Fun Heat Winner prizes will be given.

Entry Fees:

  • Individual event:                 $5.25 per event
  • LSC/RACE surcharge:       $5.00 per swimmer

Late Entries: No day of the meet late entry will be excepted.


SATURDAY –         

  • Session 1 (12 & Under) – 7:30am Warm-ups, meet starts at 8:3
  • Session 2 (13 & Over) – 11:30am Warm-ups, meet starts at 12:30

SUNDAY -                

  • Session 3 (12 & Under) – 7:30am Warm-ups, meet starts at 8:3
  • Session 2 (13 & Over) – 12:00pm Warm-ups, meet starts at 1:00

For more information, including order of events please look at the document below "Meet Doc."

How do I know what my swimmer is (A, BB, B or C?)

Please go to our site and check the meet results for your child:

  • Sign-in
  • Go under “My Accounts” on the left
  • Click on “My Meet Results”
  • There you can see your kid’s times- if your child never swam a meet they are C, swimmer with NT (No Time) are also consider C swimmers.
  • Or click on
  • To compare your child’s time please go to our home page and under the Tab "MEETS" (on top of the page) you will find an option for “Time Standards”. Click on the very first option  2017-2020 National Age Group Motivational Times (B, BB, A, AA etc.)  -
  • There you will find 3 tables; first one is Long Course Meters, second is Short Course yards and the last one Short Course Meters. Please make sure that your child’s times are compared in within the proper table for the proper pool length.