Edina Swim Club

Competitive Swimming for Ages 6 and up

Foxjets C - BB Meet - Eden Prairie Community Center

May 12, 2018 (02:00 AM)
April, 20 2018
01 - Gator I,02 - Gator II,03 - Age Group Prep,04 - Gator III,05 - Age Group Bronze,06 - Age Group Silver,08 - Senior Bronze,12 - Coaches,14 - Sr. Prep ([* ALL Locations *])


This meet is for Gator swimmers with BB times and slower (no "A" times).  This meet is available for the following groups:
Gator 1,2,3; Age Group Prep, Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver, Senior Prep

The pool deck and locker rooms will not open until just a few minutes before 9:00, as a Community Center Aqua-motion class and swim practice will be finishing just short of 9:00. Families and swimmers who arrive early will be asked to wait in the viewing lobby. The weather looks favorable, so hanging outside is an option too.

Warm-ups begin at 9AM, swimmers should arrive by 8:40AM.