New Orleans Team Travel Trip

June 7, 2018 (07:00 AM) - June 11, 2018 (07:00 PM)
April 28, 2018


Team Travel Meet To New Orleans

Please Declare your intention to participate as soon as possible. The cut off date is Saturday, April 28th, but the earlier you commit the better. This will allow us to make final travel preparations.

Blue Wave is excited to offer a travel trip to one of the best destination cities in the country, New Orleans. We are making arrangements for hotels and travel. We know some may want to carpool, others may want to fly and we will see about the feasibility of renting team vans as well. More on all of those options soon.

If you can let us know of your intent sooner rather than later, it would be appreciated. That will help us make final travel arrangements. Parents interested in being a chaperone, please let us know. This should be a fun time for everyone.

This event is open to all USA Swimming registered swimmers. This is a prelims  / finals for 11 - 14 & 15 & Over age groups and a timed final event for the 12 & Unders. Awards will be given out from 1st place through 14th place. That means a 12 year old swimming in the 11 - 14 year old division will be scored with swimmers ages 11, 12, 13 & 14. If you are not sure of which events / age group to choose, ask your training group coach for advice.

Location: UNO Lakefront Arena 6801 Franklin Ave, New Orleans, LA 70122

Meet Schedule: *All times are approximate and will be finalized after the entry deadline.

All Morning (Prelims) Sessions: Friday-Sunday Warm-up 8:00-8:50am, Meet: 9:00 am

Friday Distance Session Warm-up: 30 minute session, beginning at the conclusion of the morning prelims final heat, Meet: 35 minutes after the conclusion of the morning prelims final heat.

Timed Finals (12&U) Sessions: Saturday-Sunday Warm-up 12:30-12:55 pm (or approximately 5 minutes after the conclusion of the prelims); Sunday (approximate) 12:00-12:25 pm, Meet: 1:00 pm (or approximately 35 minutes after the conclusion of the prelims); Sunday (approximate) 12:30 pm.

All Evening (Finals) Sessions: Friday-Sunday Warm-up 4:30-5:20 pm (or approximately 10 minutes after the conclusion of the TF sessions); Sunday (approximate) 4:00-4:50 pm, Meet: 5:30 pm; Sunday (approximate) 5:00 pm.

Facility: Indoor, Heated, 8 lane 50 meter pool with non-turbulent lane ropes. Pool depth: 16 feet in deep end, 4 feet in shallow end. A separate warm up area is available in the outdoor 25 yard pool. The competitive course has not been certified in accordance with USA Swimming Technical Rule 104.2.2C(4).

Warm-ups:  The 3-point entry into the water will be strictly enforced.  Coaches will be responsible for the conduct and safety of their swimmers.  Article 202.3.2: At a sanctioned competitive event, USA Swimming athlete members must be under the supervision of a USA Swimming member coach during warm-up, competition, and warm-down.  All swimmers at the meet without a coach must report to the Meet Director or Meet Referee to make arrangements for such supervision. Official warm-ups times/assignments will be sent to each team by Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

Timers: Teams will be assigned timing assignments by Wednesday, June 6, 2018. Visiting teams will be notified via email and the assignments will be posted to the Nu Wave website 

800/1500M: Swimmers competing in the Open 800M/1500M Free must provide their own timers and counters. These events will be conducted fastest to slowest, alternating 800/1500 heats.

Eligibility: Open to all swimmers holding a 2018 USA Swimming membership card. Age as of June 8, 2018 will determine a swimmer’s age for the meet. Any swimmer that appears on the Louisiana Swimming exceptions report without registration must come to the meet prepared to show their card. The exception report will be sent on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. NO deck registrations will be accepted on the day of the meet.


  • Swimmers competing in the P/F sessions are allowed to compete in up to 3 individual events and 1 relay per day with a maximum of 7 individual swims for the meet.

  • Swimmers competing exclusively in the TF sessions are allowed to enter up to 4 individual events per day with a total of 7 individual swims for the meet.  

  • Any swimmer competing in both a P/F and TF session on any day are subject to the entry limitations of the P/F format listed above.  

  • Estimated times are encouraged for all events and required for events 200 meters and longer, and where qualifying times will be enforced.  

  • This meet will be limited on a first come, first served basis as to not have any session run over the USAS recommended 4-hour rule.

Heat Sheets: Digital heat sheets will be posted to the Nu Wave Swim Club website ( on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. Heat sheets for each Finals session will be made available to coaches and attendees at the start of each Finals session.

Scratch Rule: Swimmers will have 30 minutes after the announcements of preliminary event results to declare their intent to scratch. Any finalist who fails to compete at finals, consolation finals or a bonus final heat, for which he has qualified and failed to scratch with the Clerk of Course or Meet Referee prior to the scratch deadline, shall be banned from further competition in the meet until a $20 “failure to swim” fee is paid to the Meet Director. This fee is applicable per offense.

Awards: Top 14 individual finishers in the 12&U, 11-14, 15&O and Open events will receive ribbons. Age groups will not be divided when placed for awards (example: a 12 year-old swimmer competing in a 11-14 event will be awarded with all swimmers in that event). Relays will not be awarded.

Scoring: Top 14 Individual places will be scored for all events: 20-17-15-14-13-12-11-9-7-5-4-3-2-1. Top 7 Relay places will be scored: 32-24-18-14-10-6-2.