Four Corners Speedo Sectionals

Mar 21, 2019 - Mar 24, 2019
March, 3 2019
Coaches, National Training Group, Pre-Senior Championship Team, Senior


We will be planning this weekend to simulate a team travel trip, even though it will be a local meet. Lodging, meals, and transport will be coordinated with athletes, coach, and a chaperone.

Lodging reservations close to the pool will be made in September based on who is qualified coming out of the long course season and who else is within 1% of qualifying times. 

The intention is to 'rehearse' travelling as a team, but to do so close to home, and follow up Sectional meets will be team travel trips starting July, 2019. 

Time standards are posted. The meet will accept 3 bonus entries for 1 qualifying entry. As in, make 1 time standard event, and you can enter 3 additional events.

If you are a Senior or NTG swimmer, it is expected you will attend this meet. Pre-seniors, we can discuss on a case by case as qualifying for the meet does not necessarily mean you have to attend, since you have Age Group State and SWAGR to attend.