CARD Throwdown

May 11, 2018 - May 13, 2018
April 11, 2018


Meet Page Updated:  Tuesday, May 8, 2018 @ 9:45 am

Location:  Louisville, KY @ the Ralph Wright Natatorium

Meet Type:  Open Classification - No Time Standards

Arrival/Warm-up/Start Times

  • Upon arrival to the pool, please look for the team banner to find our team area.
  • Team Caps x day:  Friday – Black, Saturday – White, Sunday – Yellow.
  • Every event for the weekend will be run FASTEST to SLOWEST.
  • CHASE STARTS will be run throughout the weekend.
  • Friday Nights 400 FREE EVENT will run 2 swimmers per lane with each swimmer having a designated side to stay on for the swim.

Friday, May 11, 2018

1500 Session

Arrival             12:45 am

Warm-up        1:00 – 1:50 pm

Start                2:00 pm

PM Session

Arrival            3:45 pm        

Warm-up       4:00-4:30 pm (Session #1)          

Start               5:00 pm

Saturday, May 12, 2018

AM Session

Arrival            6:45 am

Warm-up       7:00-7:30 am

Sprint/Pace Lanes 8:00-8:20 am

Start                8:30 am

PM Session

Arrival            12:30 pm

Warm-up       12:45-1:15 pm   (Session #1) 

Start               1:55 pm

Sunday, May 13, 2018

AM Session

Arrival            7:25 am

Warm-up       7:40-8:20 am (Session #2)

Start                8:30 am

PM Session

Arrival            1:00 pm

Warm-up       1:15-1:45 pm (Session #2)

Start               1:55 pm

Information from Meet Management

We are looking forward to an exciting weekend as we kick off the LC season.  I wanted to pass along some important information for you to pass on to your families:

 1)  Since we are running Chase Starts (similar to running 2 pools) we could really use some help filling up our timer spots.  Please ask your families if anyone would be willing to be a timer.  They will get in FREE and get lots of great snacks while they are's a bit more laid back than a normal meet, as the ODD heats will go off at the dive end of the pool and the EVEN heats will go off at the scoreboard end.  As far as timing goes, it is easier than most meets....we just need more of them!  If you would send your volunteer names to me, we will make sure their names are on the list.  This will make it easier for them to get in....thanks in advance for your help!

2)  Due to the large numbers in our Open girls and 11-12 girls on Friday night, our original timeline was over 5 hours.  Since this is an early season meet, our goal is to help all swimmers that want to swim get the opportunity to do so.  Therefore, per the meet info, we have decided to run the 400 Free with 2 swimmers per lane (starting at opposite ends of the pool).  This adjustment saves us over 1 hour on the original timeline. 

Swimmers will need to dive in, move to the RIGHT, and STAY ON THAT SIDE OF THE LANE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE 400 (NO CIRCLE SWIMMING).  We did this last year and had only 1 issue of swimmers getting in each other’s way.  The sooner you talk to your swimmers about it, the better prepared they will be.

3)  So we can start Friday evening on time, we will PRESEED the 1st event (Girls OPEN 400IM).  PLEASE let me know by Thursday evening if you know in advance any swimmers in the 400IM intending to scratch!  The less open lanes the better!  All other events on Friday will remain deck seeded.

 4)  Due to running Chase Starts, per the meet packet, the ENTIRE meet will be run Fastest to Slowest....that way, for the most part, the slower heat will chase the faster heat...prevents less problems!

5)  Please take note of the w-up schedule attached....there are some slight changes to make the lanes less crowded, specifically on Saturday.  Saturday morning we have an extra team, so we had to create 3-30 minute warmups, with CARD taking the earliest time slot.  We will open the pool the last 20 min for ALL teams who wish to get back in for starts or pace.  Sunday morning we will run just 2-40 minute w-ups!  Lane Assignments will be posted at the pool on the booth windows.









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