Physiological Profile Testing (CAT 4, 5, Seniors, Masters)

Apr 24, 2018 (03:00 AM)
April, 23 2018
Category 4 - Olympic Track, Category 5 - Olympic Track, Head Coaches, Masters, Senior - Olympic Track


Physiological Profile Testing | Tuesday, April 24 | PDF below with more information 

Two Testing Times: 

6:00 AM

5:00 PM 

Athletes are run through an advanced testing protocol to get a scientific, accurate and  in-depth look at their fitness levels and efficiencies in their respective energy systems. 

A friend of mine, and world leading physiologist will be visiting the Stingrays Swim Team in Atlanta, GA on Monday, April 23 and I figured that this might be a great opportunity for her to come down here and run some tests on our athletes to gauge their current fitness levels and scientifically give the coaches some great information to move forward with training. The results of these tests will tell us the athletes strengths, weaknesses and also potentials. 

Normally, as coaches we devise a plan and a practice that we run the athletes through each day, and when we go to swim meets we see how they respond to the training stimulus we give them. The great part about these tests is that we don't have to guess. The results will tell us exactly where the athletes are strong, and where they are weak and they will also give us some insight into the individual athlete differences as far as whether or not they are more aerobically talented or anaerobically talented. 

I would strongly recommend this test for anyone who is serious about their training and their swimming goals. These tests are performed almost weekly and at every swim meet on athletes who are members of the USA Swimming National Team. The information that the coaches will gain from the tests will be so beneficial in being able to devise the training program moving forward so that we can address weaknesses and strengths and also tailor the training to be more individualized to each athlete. 


Cost for the test will be $100 per athlete. Checks are to be made out to GoAthletics 

2nd test this year will be $75. 

The basic test will include athletes swimming a series of distances while every so often stopping them to monitor blood lactate levels (via small pin prick in finger, similar to a blood glucose monitor), heart-rate and time of completion of each distance. Each test should take no more than 10 - 15 minutes. The data from each athlete will then be analyzed and the coaches will be given the information and suggested protocol moving forward.