2018 RSC Senior Series Meet #1

May 18, 2018 (04:00 PM) - May 19, 2018
April 15, 2018
Gold,Junior Elite,Senior,Senior Elite (Hudson Middle School Pool)


Meet Type: This is a Positive Check-In, Timed Finals Long Course Invitational. Events will be Senior/Open, mixed gender and will be run FASTEST to SLOWEST for all events. Entry times require a minimum of a Girls Minnesota 9-10 B time for all 50m events, a Girls 11-12 BB time for all 100m events and Girls 11-12 AA time for events 200m and longer. The host club reserves the right to enter it's swimmers with no time restriction for all events 200 meters and shorter. Swimmers may swim 4 events per day, no more than 3 events per session.

Teams Invited: Open to all teams but LIMITED TO 325-350 Swimmers. Entries will be limted to 60 swimmers from each team (see Entries/Entry Start Date) and will be taken on a first come, first served basis. Preference will be given to teams who have supported RSC events in the past and to teams that can provide help with officiating duties.

Fees: MSI Entry fee of $3.00 and $22 Facility Fee which includes admission, parking, RSI surcharge and small pool rental for warmup/warmdown. $1.00 per event. Programs will be available on Meet Mobile for $2.99 per session (may change based on Meet Mobile Fees.) A small number of programs (40-50 max) will be for sale for $6.00 for the meet - please use Meet Mobile.

Time Schedule: Friday warm-up for Session 1 will start at 4:00pm, warm-up session will end at 4:50pm and the meet will start at 5:00pm. Saturday Session 2 will start at 8:00am and end at 8:50am and the meet will start at 9:00am. Session 3 warmup will start no later than 9:10am and the meet will start no later than 10:10am.

Meet Warmup Times 
Session 2 (Saturday AM - 1500's) - Warmup 7:00 AM, Meet Start 8:00 AM
Session 3 (Saturday AM/PM) - Warmup 9:45 AM, Meet Start 10:45 AM
Meet should be done by 2:45 PM on Saturday - fantastic timelines!
The warmup/warmdown pool will be available throughout the meet - please - no horseplay or we will shut it down.