All Star Meet (Away)

Jul 28, 2018 (10:00 AM) - Jul 28, 2018 (04:00 PM)
July, 23 2018
July 27, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


In order to be eligible to swim in the All Star Meet, swimmers must have competed in two meets prior to the All Star Meet and their times must meet the FSSL All Star time standard requirement.  
If you are unsure if your swimmer(s) has qualified, please use this link:
You will need to declare your swimmer(s) for All Star by July 23.

The All Star meet will have fees $3 per event. Each swimmer is limited to four events. The fees pay for the metals and ribbons. Please select the "Pay Now" button below to pay with your credit card.  Remember to add in the payment amt. on the left of the screen prior to filling out the payment. 


Brunswick will be hosting the 2018* FSSL All Star Meet.

Pool Directions:

15N to Seventh Street Exit

Go to the stop light at the end of the exit ramp

Turn left on to 7th Street

Make a right on to Magnolia Avenue (if you go past the hospital, you have gone too far)

Go about two blocks and turn left into Hood College gates

Go to the end of the short lane

Turn right and the pool is on the right

Drop-off area for swimmers and equipment is at the pool house

On campus parking is available. Parking on Magnolia and any other side streets is not allowed. 

Meet Information:

Saturday, July 28th at Hood College, Hosted by Brunswick River Rapids

Arrive at/before 7:30 am

Important Event Times 

Ï  7:30 a.m. All Volunteers, Officials, Stroke & Turn, etc. Arrive Hood College & Check-in at Gambrill Hall

Ï  8:00 a.m. Timers Meeting (outside entry of pool) 

Ï  8:00 a.m. Judges Meeting (inside pool lobby) 

Ï  8:05-8:20 a.m. Holly Hills Warm-up Lanes 6, 7 & 8

Ï  8:30 a.m. Opening Ceremonies 

Ï  8:35 a.m. Swimmer's Parade (Swimmers in events 1-6 carry your cap & goggles) 

Ï  8:50 a.m. National Anthem 

Ï  9:00 a.m. Meet Starts 

Ï  Relays will be at the half-time (after Event #30) 

Parking Locations - Lots A, B, & C (designated on Parking Map) 
Arrive early and you will probably find parking on campus, but no guarantees! You may drive to the Swimmer Drop Off area near Gambrill Hall (designated on Parking Map), unload your swimmer(s) and gear, then follow the instructions of the traffic attendant, and drive to either parking lot B or C. There is plenty of parking behind the campus chapel (parking lot B on the Parking Map). The walk from the chapel parking lot is only a short distance. Parking on Magnolia is only allowed on the college side of the street. There are side streets off Magnolia Avenue that are probably available for parking. The area is primarily residential and parking will be limited. Hood strongly promotes adhering to their policy. Please honor Hood’s desire to be a good neighbor and follow ALL the parking instructions put forth. 

IT/Ribbon Writing
Location: Pool building conference room (enter via Main Entrance designated on Team Seating Map). 

Clerk of Course
Location: in front of the Gambrill Hall facing the pool and in front of the pool (designated on the Team Seating Map as Staging Areas 1 & 2). 

Getting to and from the Pool and Quad 

There will be volunteers helping with pedestrian and vehicular traffic to move swimmers safely between areas. The campus has a very slow speed limit and everyone is expected to comply with it and ALL other campus rules at all times. For safety reasons, please have your swimmers follow the directions of the volunteers. 

Only swimmers, coaches, team reps, and officials may enter the pool at the starting end (see Team Seating Map). Spectators must enter via the main entrance or the rear pool entrance (designated on the Team Seating Map). 

On Deck 

Ï  No chairs or canopies are allowed on deck. Spectator seating is allowed from the bleachers. 

Ï  Spectators are not permitted beyond the roped off areas. 

Ï  Due to limited space, only two coaches per team will be allowed on deck in designated coaches area. Additional coaches are welcome to watch from the spectator areas. 

Location: Gambrill Hall (designated on the Team Seating Map) - T-Shirts will be available at concessions if they have not been picked up at the store. 

Location: Gambrill Hall (designated on the Team Seating Map) - Hot breakfast and lunch sandwiches along with standard concessions will be available. Programs will also be available for $3.00. 


Location: Inside the pool house lobby (enter via Main Entrance designated on Team Seating Map). 

Clean- Up 

All teams are responsible for their areas throughout the day, and after the meet. The “leave no trace” policy is in effect! 

Hood College Info

The college is operating summer programs and they ask that we avoid the following areas: all steps and/or porches leading into the buildings, and the gazebo area. There are other groups on the campus during our event. Please do not place tents, chairs, or other gear on the stairs to any buildings or in the sidewalks. Please be sure to have team safety marshals in place around your team areas. Swimmers are asked to remain in their designated team areas. Again, the gazebo is off limits, as are the interiors of any buildings with the exception of the pool! 

The tennis courts are completely off limits to our event. NO TENTS, TABLES, or CHAIRS allowed on the tennis courts.