PVS LC Senior Championships

July 12, 2018 (12:00 PM) - July 15, 2018 (12:00 PM)
June 23, 2018


  This meet is for all swimmers who qualify.  Swimmers who qualify are the swimmers who make the qualifying times.

University of Maryland
  • All Prelims –7am-8:20am8:30am (Unchanged)
  • Finals – Thursday-Saturday 5:00-6:00pm/6:10pm (Unchanged)
  • Finals – Sunday a minimum of 40 minutes will be provided for warm ups; meet will start no earlier than 6:10pm or 45 minutes after start of warm up session (note only 5 minute prep before distance events start).
  • Check in deadline is 7:45am for first two events each day; 8:00amfor all other events (except Sundays distance events are due on Saturday at 6:40pm)
  • $9.00 per event
Additonal Information and UPDATES:
  • A swimmer may compete in a maximum of 7 individual events and no more than 3 individual events per day.
  • We will be entering relays
  • BONUS EVENTS: Any athlete, who is entered into at least one individual event, may also enter one bonus event. If entered in 2 or more individual events, they may enter 2 bonus events. Athletes entering a bonus event may compete in no more than the maximum number of events per session or meet. Bonus entries must meet the LCM Bonus Qualifying Time (see below).