Nutrition Seminar - Intermediate/Senior/National/Swim4Fit Groups

April 18, 2018 (04:30 PM) - April 18, 2018 (05:30 PM)
April 17, 2018
Intermediate,National,Senior,Swim 4 Fit,Swim for Life (NPLP)


Proper nutrition is critical to meeting the challenging demands of swim training. Falling behind nutritionally, even for a few days, can seriously undermine swimmers’ ability to train at peak levels. It is not uncommon to blame a disappointing training session on fatigue, when in fact, it was caused by poor swimming nutrition.

The Club is putting on a Nutrition Seminar for the Intermediate, Senior, National and Swim4Fit Groups on April 18, 2018, from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm in the pool meeting room.

Please sign up for this event if you are wanting to come and learn how to properly fuel your swimmer's body.