Pac Coast; WKCAC

Jun 16, 2018 - Jun 17, 2018
April, 20 2018
June 14, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
Achieve I, White, Senior Prep 1, Senior Prep 2, Senior 3, Senior 2, Senior 1



Meet Location & Date

Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center

Saturday-Sunday, June 16-17



Arrival Times

Saturday Session 1 (12 & Younger) 7:40am*

Saturday Session 2 (13 & Older Prelims for Events 7-16) 1:00pm*

Saturday Session 3 (13 & Older Events 17-22) 4:55pm


Sunday Session 4 (12 & Younger) 7:40am*

Sunday Session 5 (13 & Older Finals for Events 7-16) 1:00pm*

Sunday Session 6 (13 & Older Events 30-39) 2:55pm*


*There will be positive check-in for all athletes; one sign-in per swimmer for the entire session (on Saturday and then again on Sunday). The sheets will be posted by team and in alphabetical order. Athletes who do not check in will be scratched from all of their races that session by the meet host. 



Location and Directions

Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center

650 SW Campus Drive

Federal Way, Washington

Directions from I-5: Take Exit 142B west on 348th. It becomes Campus Drive after crossing 1st Ave S. Pool is on the right side approximately 1 1/4 miles from I-5.

Note: In the event of inclement weather, call the King County Aquatic Center Hotline: 206-477-4444 or toll-free 1-855-952-9970



What to Wear

Saturday: Classic Black Team T-Shirt, Team Suit, Purple Team Cap

Sunday: White Team T-shirt, Team Suit, Purple Team Cap



Where to Sit/What to Bring

Athletes should be on deck where coaches can find them as needed.

Things to bring:

>Yoga mats or chairs to sit on

>Cards and games to play with your teammates

>The correct team gear so you look like part of the team

>Healthy foods that you know you like, water to drink

>Sharpie to write down your E/H/L grid



Meet Rules to Know

All 50 meter events will start at the scoreboard end of the pool and finish at the dive tank end of the pool.


All events 100 meters and longer will be swum double ended with odd heats starting from the dive tank end and even heats starting at the scoreboard end.


With positive check-in required for all athletes to compete, heat and lane assignments will not be available until close to the end of the warm-up period. Do not ask the coaches for heat sheet information, they will provide that once they have it. Relax until then, the meet can’t start without that information.