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NCSA Nationals @ Orlando (SCY)

Mar 19, 2019 - Mar 23, 2019
January, 11 2019


National level cuts are required for this meet.  This meet is extremly hard to get into.  All participants will need to make a decision close to 120 days in advance.    

The swimmer is eligible for a $300 stipend from the Florida Gold Coast for this NCSA National Meet.  The swimmer is eligible for 5 such reimbursements per year.  The coach / team is allowed 2 such reimbursements which will not be used on this meet.  Reimbursements are made to the team not the swimmer for athlete expenses.  Athlete reimbursements will first be used to cover the coaches travel expenses then all remaining funds will be split equally among attendees.  Any extra funds will be deposited as a credit to the family Team Unify account once the check is received from the Florida Gold Coast.  The financial obligation will be discussed with each family prior to making any necessary reservations.  Eligible receipts are rental car, food and hotel.  There will not be an additional team meet surcharge.