2018 FISH LC Derby

May 5, 2018 (10:00 AM) - May 6, 2018 (11:00 PM)
April, 18 2018
May 4, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


2018 FISH LC Derby
Saturday May 5th - Sunday May 6th 
at George Mason University 

4400 University Boulevard
Fairfax, VA 22030

This is a FISH Hosted Meet: The FISH policy for team hosted meets is that entries will only be accepted if the family commits to donate one food item and to volunteer one slot during the.  You can sign up on the FISH website by logging in and clicking on the job sign up button next to the attend/decline button on the Events page. 

Session Who is Swimming... Warm-up Time Meet Start Time
#1 12 and Unders 6:30am 8:00am
#2 Distance Session 12:15pm 1:00pm
#3 13 and Overs 3:00pm 4:30pm
#4 12 and Unders 6:30am 8:00am
#5 13 and Overs 12:15pm 1:45pm

** Warm-Up Times may change based upon number of entries and the meet timeline. Any changes will be emailed and posted on the FISH website.

Please be on time for warm-ups.  We encourage all FISH athletes to arrive 15 minutes before warm ups begin. Failure to show up on time for warm-ups may affect your participation in relays and in future meets.

Events: Your events have been chosen for you by your coach. (See Attached Entry Grid). You may swim up to 3 events per session plus the distance session for a total of 7 events for the meet. 

Cost:   Your meet entry fee is $8.50 per event and there is a $10.00 surcharge per athlete, which will be included in your next monthly invoice. 

Entry Procedure: If you can not commit to the meet requirements, you MUST let us know no later than  Wednesday April 18, 2017.

If your swimmer is on the grid and therefore invited please follow these instructions. Log into your Team Unify account.  Click on the "Events" tab at the top of the web page, then select the LC FISH Derby Event.  Click on Attend/Decline.  Click on your invited swimmer's name, which should then give you the option of Confirming or Declining the invitation. You are responsible for confirming or declining through the FISH website.  Please contact us before the entry deadline should you have any issues. Please remember that if you do not accept or decline, you will automatically be entered into the meet and will be responsible for the meet fees.

If your athlete can not attend one day, please make sure to let us know in the Notes section, underneath the commitment. 

Log into your Team Unify account. Click on the "Events" tab at the top of the web page (the actual Events tab, not a subcategory), then select the LC FISH Derby.  Click on Job Signup.

Response Deadline:  Wednesday April 18, 2018

Schedule of Events:

Session #1: Session #2: Session #3: Session #4: Session #5:
12 and Under 100m Fly Open 800m Free 13 and Over 50m Free 12 and Under 100m Back 13 and Over 200m Back
10-12 200m Breast   13 and Over 200m Breast 10-12 200m Fly 13 and Over 100m Free
12 and Under 50m Back   13 and Over 100m Back 12 and Under 50m Free 13 and Over 200m Fly
12 and Under 100m Free   13 and Over 200m Free 12 and Under 100m Breast 13 and Over 50m Back
12 and Under 50m Breast   13 and Over 100m Fly 12 and Under 50m Fly 13 and Over 100m Breast
 10-12 200m Back   13 and Over 50m Breast 12 and Under 200m IM 13 and Over 200m IM
12 and Under 200m Free   13 and Over 400 IM 12 and Under 400m Free 13 and Over 50m Fly
        13 and Over 400m Free