Senior State Champs @ Bloomington, IN

Jul 19, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jul 22, 2018 (03:00 AM)
July 9, 2018


Senior State Champs

July 19th to 22nd, 2018

Bloomington, IN

Details in no particular order:

1) Reminder this is a full 4 day meet. While warm ups start a bit later on Thursday compared to the remainder of the meet, you'll still need to leave Indy quite early on Thursday AM.

2) Relays will not be finalized until the week before, however a working draft will be posted in early July

3) The relay draft will be posted assuming eveyrone is available for the duration of the meet. If you are not available for all or part of this meet, please let Coach P know this ASAP, no later than July 1st.

4) It's a good idea to get a hotel reserved ASAP. Indiana Swimming has some blocks reserved at fair discounts, however at the moment there are still several options available in the Bloomington area. You can always cancel if necessary.

5) New rule this year for distance events..... Athletes entering either the 800M or 1500M Freestyle event are required to enter with a LCM qualifying standard. Athletes entering both the 800M and 1500M Freestyle events are required to enter at least one event with a LCM qualifying time.

6) A, B, C, and D finals heats are offered, with the D heat being exclusive 15-16 heat.

7) Bonus event set up has not changed. It's 1 cut-1 bonus, 2 cuts- 2 bonus, and 3 cuts-1 bonus.

8) Eligibility Report Pre Z-Heat


IF the state meets were held this weekend, this is how our relays would look. Please understand being listed for a relay today does not guarantee your spot next month, nor does being absent from this list mean you can’t or won’t earn a spot in the next month. This serves as a best-guess draft to help people plan ahead.


Senior State Relays

Girls- no available alternates at the moment

200 free relay A- Buddenbaum, McPherson K, Jones, McPherson M

200 free relay B- Horton, Isakson, Hill, Glesing

400 free relay A- McPherson K, Isakson, Horton, Jones

400 free relay B- McPherson M, Glesing, Hill, Buddenbuam

800 free relay A- Jones, McPherson K, Horton, Isakson

800 free relay B- McPherson M, Buddenbaum, Hill, Glesing

400 medley A- McPherson M, McPherson K, Hill, Isakson

400 medley B- Jones, Glesing, Buddenbaum, Horton

200 medley relays- likely the same as the 400 medley, TBA


200 free- LaBarge, Sheffield, Hersberger, Glore, alt Parker

400 free- LaBarge, Glore, Hershberger, Sheffield,   Alts Parker & Diercks

800 free-Hershberger, LaBarge, Glore, Parker   Alts Sheffield/Diercks

400 medley- Diercks, Hershberger, LaBarge, Glore  Alts Parker/Sheffield

200 medley- Parker, Hershberger, LaBarge, Sheffield  Alts Glore/Diercks