Utah Training Trip

June 16, 2018 (08:00 AM) - July 1, 2018 (08:00 PM)
April 27, 2018



The purpose of this altitude training trip is multi faceted including physical training, team bonding and working on the mental side of competition.  We will be having daily team meetings where we will be learning how to communicate the old fashion way, actually talking face to face. These meetings will cover a range of topics from nutrition to motivation to goal setting for both individuals and the team. Interwoven in the meeting team members will practice their new communication skills in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Swimmers should be prepared to come out of their shells!!

In addition to two a day practices there will be mountain top activities the second week which will be moderate and fun in nature to help boost the altitude affect. Think Hiking and field games like Ultimate Frisbee. We are open to any fun physical activity ideas the swimmers may have.

Who: This altitude training camp is reserved to members of the Senior 1 and Senior 2 groups that are serious about their swimming and are committed to be in the best shape possible before the trip. Only swimmers who plan to compete at season ending championship meets (MRC, State, Nationals etc.) should sign up. 

When: Leaving Saturday  June 16th at 8 AM and returning Sunday Evening July  1st time approx. 7:47 pm.

Where: Salt Lake City area. We will be lodging at 2 houses in Brighton Utah that we rented with extra beds in a lodge/motel so all athletes will have a good nights sleep. The lodge and houses are an easy walk to each other. We will be living at approx. 8000-9000ft altitude.

Training Location: Cotton Wood Heights Recreation Center, 7500 South 2700 East, Salt Lake City, UT Altitude 4850 ft.

Swim Meet: We will be swimming in their meet  which is at the same pool Wednesday night thru Saturday. Fees for the meet will be extra.

Why Altitude Training: Training and living at altitude causes the body to make physiological adaptations which causes a significant increase in the bodies ability to absorb and utilize oxygen. This naturally increases the swimmers aerobic capacity. These are the same adaptations we do by swimming high yardage workouts. One of the many ways the aerobic capacity is increased is by the increase in Red Blood Cells. As red blood cells grow they pick up iron from the blood and utilize it in their process of carrying oxygen. It is important for swimmers going on this trip to have their iron levels checked 6 weeks before they go so if they are low they have time to increase them to a normal level before we get to Utah. All swimmers should be changing their diets to increase iron levels. Think Spinach!!!

Cost: $1150 per swimmer. We are fundraising to help bring the cost down.

Mode of Travel: Coach bus. 

When you register you will be paying the first payment of $400. An additional $400 will be added to your account which will come out May 1st. The remaining due after fundraising deductions will be added to your account for the June 1st payment. 

There will be a detailed itinerary published before we go. We will be stopping at Mt Rushmore on the way to Utah.