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Senior Zones

July 31, 2018 (06:00 AM) - August 4, 2018 (08:00 PM)
April 16, 2018
College FM,College K,College TC,NAT,NAT-P,SR (Flower Mound / Lewisville,Keller,The Colony)


Located in Huntsville, AL

Must have 15-16 AA times.

MEET CAP HAS BEEN REACHED - Please contact your coach if you are qualified


This travel trip will be capped at 40 swimmers.  We have a SMALL amount of flexibility on this to accommodate swimmers who are on the bubble for Futures.  If your swimmer is planning on attending Senior Zones, please commit them in our system ASAP after reviewing costs and travel logistics.


All future emails related to Zones will be communicated ONLY to those that have committed to the meet on our website ONLY.  If your swimmer is planning on attending, please COMMIT your swimmer ASAP.  If they are on the bubble, please specify that in the notes.


The approximate cost of this trip is $700 and includes hotel, meals and ground transportation only.  Firm qualifiers will be billed 25% ($175) in May, June & July, with August billing reflective of actual costs.  Bubble swimmers will “catch up” on billing once they are qualified.


We will not be booking group airfare for Zones.  Every athlete is on a different schedule and some families are choosing to extend trips with vacation or use airline miles to pay to for tickets.  Some swimmers are not yet qualified.  So, we are leaving it up to the families to book your athlete’s air travel within the following parameters:

7/30 Outbound:

  • The staff are flying in to Nashville on 2 different flights:
    • 2 coaches on AA 2365 that gets in at 11 - Record locator ERBEKF
    • 2 coaches on AA 2502 that gets in at 1 - Record locator ESVZVU
  • There are Southwest flights that get in at these times too.
  • Swimmers need to be on any flight that gets in to Nashville between 11-1. 
  • Swimmers can fly direct to Huntsville, and need to be on a flight that arrives between 3-6pm


8/5 Return:

  • Fliers out of Huntsville will be dropped at the airport at 8am and should book their return flight accordingly. 
  • Nashville fliers will head to Nashville for flights that are 1:30 or later.
  • The LAC staff are all on AA#2502 departing 1:30.

Once you have booked your athlete’s plane tickets, please  CLICK HERE to enter your athlete’s itinerary so that we can track their flights.