2018 ACAC Summer Detasseler

July 14, 2018 - July 15, 2018
June 12, 2018


 More info to come.

Hotel Room Block Information:   

Downtown Marriott:  700 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309.  Phone:  1-800-228-9290 or 515-245-5500.  Block under:  IFLY.  Cost is $140 per night.  Book by June 22, 2018.  

Hyatt Place (Downtown):  418 6th Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309.  Phone:   800-634-3839Under IFLY.  Block Under:  IFLY.  Cost: $169 for 2 Queen.  $159 for King.  Book by June 13, 2018

Meet Details:  

1) All events will be pre-seeded except the following events which require
positive check-in: 400 IM, 400 Freestyle, and 1500 Freestyle.
2) All events will swim fastest to slowest.
3) Swimmers in all events shall report directly to the starting blocks
4) The Open 1500 free is limited to 48 total entries. The 24 fastest girls and 24
fastest boys will be entered. Adjustments will be made if there are less than
24 entries in one gender and we will fill those spots with entries from the
other gender to have a total of 48 entries.
5) Positive check-in is required for the 400 IM, 400 Freestyle and 1500
Freestyle events.
a) Positive check-in deadline will be 30 minutes prior to the start of
competition for the session in which the event will be swum.
b) Swimmers failing to check in will be scratched and their spot
offered to any late entry alternates. They will be allowed to re-enter
only if there are open lanes.
c) If a heat was eliminated after seeding, no heats will be added to
accommodate a swimmer failing to check in.
6) It is not the meet hosts responsibility to provide rest for swimmers
between events. If a swimmer has less than 10 minutes between swims, the
swimmer (or swimmer's coach) should inform the Deck Referee.
7) Events may be combined to facilitate meet operation and separated later.
8) The 400 and 1500 Freestyle events will swim alternating girls and boys.
Swimmers are requested to provide their own counter and timer for 1500
Freestyle events.
9) Fly-over starts will be used for all events.
10) Deck changes are prohibited.