Leinster Youth Senior Championships 2018

May 5, 2018 - May 7, 2018
April 14, 2018
AG Perf


Leinster Youth Senior Championships 2018

Please note that this competition applies only to those 15 years and older at the end of this calendar year.


1. This gala is only for swimmers (registered with Leinster-region clubs) aged 15yrs or over on Dec 31st next (that is, born in 2003 or earlier). Younger swimmers (aged 11-14) will compete in the Leinster Age-Group gala which will be held over the first weekend in June.

2. We are running the Youth/Senior Division One and the Division Two galas concurrently. Heats for swimmers in any particular discipline in Division One will be followed immediately by heats in the same discipline in Division Two. Event numbers 1 to 41 are Division One events. Event numbers 105 to 137 are Division Two events. So, for example, heats in Event 28 (Div One Girls 100m B/C) will be followed immediately by heats in Event 128 (Div Two Girls 100m B/C).

3. Depending on the numbers of entrants, heat numbers may have to be curtailed. If this is necessary, Division Two heats will be curtailed first, and some swimmers inside the Consideration Times (but outside the Qualifying Times) may be moved from Div One events to Div Two events to facilitate a smooth running of the gala within Swim Ireland guidelines.

4. Finals will only be held for Div One events. All Div Two events are HDW. Finals will be held at the end of each session, after a 15-min break. Thus the finals for events 5 to 11 (scheduled for Sunday morning) will be held directly after the heats and before the lunch break on Sunday.

5. Swimmers must achieve the Qualifying Times in the heats to be allowed to progress through to the Finals.

6. There is one Hy-Tek file (as attahced) to cover both these competitions. Swimmers with times faster than the Consideration Times should enter Div One events. Swimmers that have times slower than the CTs should enter Div Two events. It is permissable for a swimmer to mix events; i.e. to swim some events in Div One and some events in Div Two.

7. All swimmers, for both Div One and Div Two, must submit entry times that have been achieved in open competition since June 1st 2017. Meet Manager has been configured to automatically reject all NT entries.