CAT A/B Meet

May 18, 2018 - May 20, 2018
April 13, 2018
Columbia 1,Columbia 2,Rogue 1,Rogue 2,Rogue 3,Rogue 4,Rogue 5,Snake 1,Snake 2,Snake 3,Snake 4,Snake 5 (Columbia,Rogue,Snake)


This is a qualifying meet only. Times in black meant that the swimmer HAS qualified for that event. Times in red mean they HAVE NOT qualified. If you think your swimmer should have qualified for an event but it's not showing please talk to a coach. 

Parents, please plan to time at least 1 hour for every session your swimmer will be there! The Only exception is officials. 

Information from the host team including warm-up times:

Below are some important updates and information about this weekend's meet at Osborn.   We are looking forward to hosting all of your teams and thank you in advance for your understanding of the changes that will be made to the schedule.
We have been notified by Osborn management that due to unavoidable, necessary repairs, we will unfortunately not have the use of the outdoor lap pool this weekend.  This will affect lane space for the main warmup times, but more importantly will keep us from having dedicated cool down/warmup lanes during the meet itself.  The following plan has been made to provide the safest and fairest situation to all of the swimmers in the meet:
Saturday and Sunday a.m. - no changes - 
Warmups will be from 7:30-8:15 in the indoor 50 meter pool as scheduled
All 8 lanes of the 50 meter pool will be used for competition
There will not be cool down/warmup space available during the meet.
Friday pm - 
Warmups from 3:00-3:45 in the 50 meter pool as scheduled
8 lanes used for competition
There will be 10 minute cool down/warmup breaks:
between events 2 and 3 (400 free and 200 free)
between events 4 and 5/6 (200 free and 1500 free)
between heats 4 and 5 of events 5/6 (alternating girls/boys 1500 free.)  
Limited space in the outdoor leisure pool will be available for cooldown throughout the session
Saturday and Sunday pm - 
Warmups from 12:00-1:15 in the 50 meter pool (15 minutes extra time)
7 lanes used for competition
Lane 8 will be available for immediate after-race cooldown only.  Because of the number of swimmers in the sessions, we ask that your swimmers honor this and not use the lane for warmups during competition.
There will be two 10-minute breaks scheduled during each session for warmups.
Limited space in the outdoor leisure pool will be available for cooldown throughout the session
I have attached an estimated timeline taking into account the above changes.  Note that on Friday, the 1500 will be swum fast to slow, alternating girls and boys, and that we will likely combine the final heat so the session will end at least 20-25 minutes earlier than shown on the timeline.  As stated above, the break during the 1500 will be between heats 4 and 5.
Since the afternoon sessions will be longer than expected, we are taking any event changes for your 13 & over swimmers until 10 pm on Thursday.  If you have just a few event changes you can just email them, but please send a new file if you have many.   (Please note that this does not apply to changes for 12 & under swimmers in the a.m. sessions - see below.)
Once again - thank you for your patience about the warmup/cooldown pool situation and the extended timeline, and your help in making the plan be a success.