MV Long Course Championships

July 26, 2018 - July 29, 2018
July 18, 2018
Blue Springs Advanced Age Group,Blue Springs Age Group,Blue Springs Novice,Blue Springs Senior Group,St. Joseph Advanced Age Group,St. Joseph Age Group,St. Joseph Novice,St. Joseph Senior Group (Blue Springs,St. Joseph)


This is a long course meet, meaning that competition will take place in a 50 meter (Olympic size) swimming pool.

With the exception of 10 & Under events, it is also a Prelims/Finals meet with the Top 16 11-12, 13-14, and Senior swimmers advancing to Finals. 13-14 and Senior will be swum together in prelims then will be separated out for finals. Each event during finals will consist of a Consolation (B) and Championship (A) Final heat. The following exceptions apply:

The 800/1500 Freestyle are conducted as timed finals. The Thrusday evening 1500 will alternate women then men swimming fastest to slowest. For the 800, the fastest heat of each of the women and men 13-Over swimmers will swim in finals. Event 89-90 will be swum first in Sunday evening finals. The slower heats will swim in prelims and will alternate women then men swimming fastest to slowest. 13-14 and Senior will be scored separeately.

11-12 200 Butterfly and Backsroke will be timed finals with the top eight (8) seeded swimmers swimming in finals. 11-12 200 Breaststroke will be timed finals with all heats swimming in prelims.

The 13-14 and Senior 400 Freestyle and 400 IM will have only the fastest eight (1-8) swimmers advancing to finals. In prelims these events will swim the first two fastest circle seeded heats of women, the first two fastest circle seeded heats of men, then alternating heats of women/men, fast to slow.

The 10-Under Session is timed finals and will be swim slowest to fastest.

Location:  Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center, 4706 Overland Drive, Lawrence, KS 66049

This meet has qualifying times (including qualifying times for bonus events).  Swimmers entering the meet must have at least one MVS Championship qualifying time in Short Course (SCY) or Long Course (LCM) by the entry deadline in order to enter the meet.

See attached time standards.  Read carefully for Championship qualifying times as the information contains both District qualifying times and Championship qualifying times. Times are provided in Short Course Yards (SCY), Short Course Meters (SCM) and Long Course Meters (LCM).


Meet Entries will be re-opened for ONE day on Sunday, July 22nd for swimmers who qualify for the LC Championship during the District Championship. At that time, if your swimmer qualified for an event at the District Championship, you will need to go ahead and sign him/her up for the event in which he/she is qualified even though it appears in RED. Times will be updated before the host team receives them. Also, please note that athletes placing first and second in an event at  Long Course District Championships will automatically qualify to swim that event at Long Course Championships. An automatic qualifying swim will count as a proven time allowing for bonus events. 

Entry Fees: $4.50 per event, $10.00 Facility Surcharge, $20 Coaches Fee

Entry Limit: 3 events per day, and 7 events for the entire meet.  (Please note that if you enter more than 3 events per day or 7 events for the entire meet, any events entered after reaching the limit will be automatically eliminated from your entries.) 

Bonus Events: Any swimmer qualifying AND entering in a minimum of one (1) event may enter up to two (2) bonus events having achieved the bonus qualifying time standard in those events. Bonus events count towards both the daily and meet event limits. The maximum distance for a bonus event is 400 meters/500 yards.

(Please note that if you enter more than 2 bonus events, if you enter a bonus event exceeding 400 meters, or if you enter a bonus event for which your swimmer does not have a proven bonus qualifying time, those extra events or events with incorrect distance or no bonus qualifying time will be automatically eliminated from your entries.)