Can-do Pentathlon

Jun 9, 2018 (09:00 AM) - Jun 9, 2018 (03:30 PM)
June, 3 2018
June 6, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
Coaches,H2Swift Level 1,H2Swift Level 2,H2Swift Level 3,H2Swift Level 4 (Boerne Recreation)


Meet Entries

When you are registering for events, please only register for events that you are legal in. If you are not sure what to register your athlete for, find your coach at practice and ask them. We want to set everyone up for success.

If you are a Level 1... 

You will only be signing up for Freestyle and Backstroke. If you think you are legal in any other events, then you will need to find Coach Nicol or Kathy.

If you are Level 2 or 3....

Please register for Freestyle and Backstroke, and anything else you are legal in. Ask Coach Nicol or Kathy which other strokes you are legal in. If you are legal in all four individual events, then you may register for the 100 IM.  

If you are Level 4...

You may register for all events. 

Please have your athlete registered by Sunday of this week.

All events are $7.00 per swim.

**This fee will be charged to your account, and will need to be payed prior to registering for the next swim meet. Once the entries have been submitted, you will be finacialy repsosible for the fees. Even if you miss the swim meet for any reason, you will still be responsible.**

Pool Entrance Fee

The Landa Perk pool will require an entrace fee for the Pentathlon meet. I will update this as soon as we hear back.


This meet is scored as a Pentathlon event. This means that you must swim in all four individual events plus the individual medley to qualify for points. This meet is designed to help a more developed swimmer experience racing all four strokes of swimming. 

If you miss your event on race day, or no show, then you will not be eligible for points. Make sure you are paying attention to the announcements as the meet progress.

**Younger swimmers, this is a great meet for you to participate in. Swimmers develop much faster when they are participating in meets. They get to see personal development. When a swimmers sees themselves improving, it aids in preventing burnout from daily practices. Even if you are not legal in all your strokes, please participate in your legal events. Remember, "Better today than yesterday."


6:45 AM Get to the pool

7:00 AM Warmup 

8:00 AM Meet Starts


We need your help. These meets can not happen without your help. Please be sure you have registered for a volunteer position.

Thank you everyone, and we will see you at the meet!