Open Water State Champs

Jun 9, 2018 (10:00 AM) - Jun 9, 2018 (05:00 PM)
May, 23 2018


Location: East Beach, Hartwell Lake, at the CU Rowing Facility, 522 East Beach Drive, Clemson SC 29634
                GPS Co-ordinates: Lat: 34.677159, Long: -82.854853.

Committ Date for Swimmers: May 23

Committ Date for Coaches: May 26

CTM sending in: May 29 

CIC: Meredith David Mdavid@swimscsc.com 


Lake Information: 

  • Water depth depends on the spring rains, start will be 5-14 feet, and the rest of the course is 25-50 feet. Water temperature is expected to be in the low 80oF range.
  • On-campus parking will be available. Please pay close attention to the parking attendants at the meet. Failure to comply with parking regulations will lead to ticketing by Clemson University Parking Services.
  • Stadium seating is plentiful near the start and finish of the race. A grass area is available for tailgate type tent set-up. Spectators and swimmers are encouraged to bring chairs. There is additional viewing available on a dyke area along a portion of the course.

Entry Limit: 

Each swimmer can enter up to 4 events. SC LSC Swimmers are eligible to enter the championship events and open events. Out of LSC and single meet USA-S members are only eligible to enter the open events.

Rules: Meet to be conducted in accordance with the current USA Swimming and SC Swimming Rules and                        Regulations and information herein.

Important rules to highlight include:

  • Toenails and fingernails will be checked before the race at the nail inspection area. If the nails are too long, they must be trimmed to a reasonable length at the discretion of the Referee.
  • Wearing jewelry including watches is not allowed.
  • No swimmer shall be allowed to use or wear any device that may be an aid to his/her speed, endurance, or buoyancy. Wet suits, flotation aids or any similar items, and anything used to maintain body heat is not allowed.
  • Continual warm-ups will be available in an area near, but not on the course following general warm-up procedures.
  • One event swimmers and non-SCLSC USA-Swimming members can only place and receive award(s) in the open event(s).
  • Swimmers in the SCLSC should register for and swim in the SCLSC Championship event in order to place and score points in that event. All swimmers can swim in additional open events.

Entry Fees: 

  • $25 facility fee (includes cap and swimmer hospitality)
  • $2 per swimmer SCLSC Travel Fund/Program Fee (both in & out-of-state swimmers pay this fee)
  • $2 per swimmer SCLSC Sports Development Fee
  • $1 Jennifer Smith Scholarship Fund
  • $10 per each individual event
  • $12 per each deck entry
  •  Coaches travel fee:$30 per swimmer ( $60 max per family) 
  • Deck: $5.00

Coaches, Officials and other non-athlete members of USA-S MUST use for single meet registration at http://www.deathvalleyopenwater.org.

$15 for single meet registration of athletes not registered with USA-S as Athletes.

Meet Format: Meet management reserves the right to alter the timeline or make any other necessary changes during the meet to provide the best and safest competition environment for the athletes. All like-distances will be seeded as a single event, without regard to a swimmer’s age or gender.

  • The Meet Director reserves the right to assign participants to waves in each event if number of entries warrants. If waves are necessary, they will be based on gender and age.
  • All races are out and back, swum along a buoyed line (kept to the right of the swimmers) that follows the east shore of Hartwell Lake. Buoys are placed every 100 meters along the course. Additional markers are placed at 50, 150 and 250 meters (half-K turn) to aid in the half-K.
  • The finish shoot and line are clearly marked. At the 1K mark, the course makes a slight dog-leg left. At this point there is a set of two buoys forming a gate through which swimmers must pass on the out portion only of the 3K and 5K races.
  • On the return portion, swimmers simply keep the course to their right.

SC LSC Open Water Championship Events:

  • Jim Keogh Senior 15-18 5K
  • Christine Jennings 13-14 5K
  • Jacque Grossman 11-12 3K
  • 10 & Under 1K

Open Events:

  • Open 5K
  • Open 3K
  • Open 1K
  • Open 0.5K

Time of events:

Distance Events Check-In Pre-race Meeting Event start not before*
5K Open 5K
Jim Keogh Senior 15-18 5K
Christine Jennings 13-14 5K
6:30 am 7:30 am 8:00 am
3K Open 3K
Jacque Grossman 11-12 3K
8:00 am 9:45 am 10:15 am
1K Open 1K
10&U 1K
10:30am  11:15 am  11:45 am 
Half K Open 0.5K 10:30 am 11:15 am  12:30 pm 


SC Swim Club

Start date: 6/8/18
End date: 6/10/18
Last day to book: 5/25/18

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

·  Fairfield Inn & Suites Anderson Clemson  for 129.00 USD  - 149.00 USD  per night 




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