2018 NASA "B Min" Spring Blast-Off

May 4, 2018 (06:00 PM) - May 6, 2018 (08:00 PM)
April 17, 2018


Location:  Norris Aquatic Center - Northwestern University

Address: 2311 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

Dates:  May 4-6, 2018

Sign Up by: April 17, 2018


Session Day Age Group Meet Start Time Warm-Up Arrival Time Positive Check-In Closes

Friday Evening

13/14, Open 5:30 pm 4:15 pm 4:55 pm
2 Saturday Morning 10 & Under, 11/12 8:15 am 6:45 am 7:25 am
3 Saturday Afternoon 13/14, Open Not Before
1:15 pm
11:45 am 12:25 pm
4 Sunday Morning 10 & Under, 11/12 8:15 am 6:45 am 7:25 am
5 Sunday Afternoon 13/14, Open Not Before
1:15 pm
11:45 am 12:25 pm


Friday - Any WEST T-Shirt
Saturday BLUE WEST T-Shirt
Sunday WHITE WEST T-Shirt

(No High School Apparel)

Email from NASA (4/28/2018):

Dear Coaches!
Attached to this email find:
1. TIMELINES - this set of timelines include the limitations 
2. PSYCH SHEET - final
3. TIMING ASSIGNMENTS - please thank your parents in advance for me
All of the above (plus the entry list I sent you last time) is posted on our website under 'hosted meets'.
NU told us that Kellogg is hosting an event on Friday and Saturday. Please make sure you inform your parents as parking might not be as easy as it has been in the past.
See you all in just a few days!!!
Alessio De Rosi
Email from NASA (4/26/2018):

Hello Coaches!
The entry period closed yesterday and we have now a complete picture of how the meet looks like - the fastest meet we have ever hosted!
Numbers are very similar to last Spring and, unfortunately, we have to limit some of the events (per meet packet) and cut relays - same as last year. This is the second year that we get over 1000 swimmers and we are already planning on a few changes for future years. Our goal is to make sure the 12&U (at least) do not see limitations and are offered bonus swims and we will achieve that.
Here are the limitations we will impose:
We will limit the the 400 Free to TOP 4 heats per gender (4 heats of girls & 4 heats of boys). 
We will limit the 200 IM to the TOP 2 heats per gender & age group (10&U= 2 heats of girls & 2 heats of boys - 11&12= 2 heats of girls & 2 heats of boys). 
We would like to limit the 200 Free to the top 10 heats. Since this is not in the meet packet, if I do not hear back from you by today at 5pm, I will assume that you are ok with this. Per initial timelines, this will cut 14 heats of 200 Free total - that is about 40/45 minutes and make the session right at 5 hrs (plus we have the 400 IM afterwards - 1 hr of it).
Limit the 200 Free to TOP 5 heats per gender & age group.
No limitations
Attached to this email find:
1. Entry list - Please double check them for any mistake
2. Timelines - These set of timelines do not show the above mention limitations. I just removed the relays. I will circle a new set tonight with all of the above listed  limitations so that you can share them with your families.
3. Psych Sheet
I should be able to share timing & warmup assignments by Friday night.
I think this is all I have for now. 
Should you have a question, do not hesitate to email me.
Alessio De Rosi

Email from NASA (4/24/2018):
<div class="_rp_H5 ms-font-weight-regular ms-font-color-neutralDark" id="Item.MessageNormalizedBody" role="presentation" style="font-family: " wf_segoe-ui_normal",="" "segoe="" ui",="" wp",="" tahoma,="" arial,="" sans-serif,="" serif,="" "emojifont";"="" tabindex="-1">

Dear Coaches!

Welcome to the 2018 SPRING NASA BLAST OFF! We are very excited to have you guys back this year!!
First off, THANK YOU for submitting your entries and for doing that on time!! The meet is shaping up to be one of the fastest we have ever hosted.
We are extremely full and cannot offer bonus nor take additional entries - please do not send them my way.
I will emailing each one of you individually with the exceptions your team might have. If you do not hear it from me in the next 10 minutes, that means that you are good to go! Quick reminder: B qualifying times will be enforced and we will be checking all of those who do not make a cut at the meet (per meet packet). You will be notified during the meet about that and be responsible for the fee associated with that ($100). IF you have made a way too aggressive guess, just email me by the deadline (Wednesday at 5pm) and I will take care of that.
Once I clean everything up, I will share timelines and final limitations (at this point, we anticipate limiting some of the events and relays - per meet packet). Hopefully by Wednesday at 9pm you will hear it back from me.
I think this is all I have at this point.
Have a great day!

Alessio De Rosi
Email from NASA (4/19/2018):

Hello Coaches!!
I hope this finds you well.
I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that the entry period for the 2018 Spring Blast Off opens on Monday (4/23) and closes on WEDNESDAY (4/25 - not the usual Friday). We decided to open it very late and close to the meet so that you all have a it more time with the entries... I know the start of the season can be a bit crazy and just did not want to deal with the many emails about adds :)
If you can send me your file on MONDAY, 4/23, that would be very much appreciated! I just want to take a look at it and see if we can offer bonus events... I know many of you have asked and I would love to offer bonus events but I need all files first!
Finally, all relays show in one session at this point. Feel free to change it or just send your file as is and I will place them where they need to be.
Thank you all!!
Alessio De Rosi

This meet is a CLOSED meet hosted by NASA/WILD Swim Club.  There are qualifying times for this meet.  As outlined in the meet packet, the entry qualification will be the "B Min" time standard for Long Course Meters (LCM) from the 2017-2020 National Age Group Motivational Times (see attached and review the listed qualifying times in the meet packet).  The Girls and Boys Open time standards are derived from the 15-16 Age Level.

We have left the meet entry for this meet as "Commit by Event" so that it can easily be determined if your swimmer(s) are qualified for the meet.  The Coaching Staff will review the entries to determine that they make sense for the swimmer and the timeline.

Since not all of our swimmers will be able to get into this meet due to the qualification requirements, we will also be attending the 3nd Annual Oak Forest (OFSA) Kickoff to Summer ISI meet on Saturday, May 12.  We are NOT allowing swimmers that compete in the NASA Meet to compete in the OFSA Meet.  The OFSA Meet is intended for those swimmers NOT having the "B Min" qualifying times.

Swimmers will be limited to three (3) events per day.

All teams MAY BE REQUIRED to provide timers for 1-2 lanes (2-4 timers) each session.

Due to the $10 swimmer surcharge included by NASA/WILD for the meet, there will be no admissions fees.  Heat sheets will be sold for $2.

NASA reserves the right to limit the following events to the fastest 24 or fewer entries if the four-hour rule
is affected:

  • Friday Evening: 400 Free*
  • Saturday Morning: 200 I.M. & 200 Medley Relay
  • Saturday Afternoon: 400 I.M.* & 200 Medley Relay
  • Sunday Morning: 200 Freestyle & 200 Free Relay
  • Sunday Afternoon: 200 Medley Relays