HWSA Partners

HWSA Swim-a-Thon

Jun 16, 2018 (01:00 PM) - Jun 16, 2018 (04:00 PM)
June, 15 2018


Location:  Stagg High School
                   8015 West 111th St. (Google map, other maps)
                   Palos Hills, IL 60465-2291

- There will be participation gifts for every swimmer.
- Raffle drawings! For every $50 you raise your swimmer will receive a chance to win a prize during the         event. Prizes will be from gift cards to a 30 minute private session with your choice of HWSA coach.
- The practice group that raises the most will win a pizza party for the group.
- The 3 top individuals who raise the most will be awarded a $100 Amazon gift card.    

This Swim-a-Thon will help raise money for an Olympian swimmer to run a swim clinic in October for our HWSA swimmers.

After the Swim-a-Thon is over there will be a 1 hour pool party till 2:00p.  Open swim in the pool and potluck brunch in the balcony.         


Raffle Prizes as of 6/7/18

(5) $5 Gift Card for Five Guys

(4) Outfield Reserved Ticket Certificates for the White Sox 

(2)  Tickets for Raging Waves Waterpark

(2) Tickets for Medieval Times 

(2) “Dinner for Two” Vouchers for Chipotle

(2) Tickets for the Chicago Wolves 2018-19 Season

(2) BOGO Free Wristband Vouchers and (1) $25 Game Card for Gizmos Fun Factory

(1) $25 Gift Card for Lou Malnati’s

(1) $10 Rewards Card for Beggars Pizza

(1) Family Fun Pack for Windy City Thunderbolts

(1) “Meal for Four” for Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

(1) "Dinner for Two" Gift Certificate for Chuy's Tex-Mex

(1) Gift Certificate for Haunted Trails Burbank

(1) $20 Gift Card for City Barbeque

(1) Gift Certificate for Accelerate Indoor Speedway

(1) Gift Basket from Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Restaurant

(1) Autographed Photo featuring Five Chicago Bears Starting Players

(1) Autographed Photo of Chicago Bulls Player Jerian Grant

Coach Offered Prizes for S.A.T.

This year’s Swim-a-Thon, coaches are offering up their individual prizes.  Each coach is responsible for each of their own available prizes.  Choose wisely & enjoy.

          Coach Tom

  1. CT takes swimmer out for breakfast or lunch one day before season is over.

  2. Take 3 shots of throwing water polo balls at CT off the high dive.

  3. 45 minute private swim lesson.  Will be the week right after the SAT after practice.

    Coach Liesl

  4. Switch places with swimmer - they coach and I swim his/her practice

  5. Swimmer gets to pick the Friday Fun Day activity

  6. Challenge Coach Liesl to a contest off the diving boards (i.e., biggest splash, smallest splash, further jump)

    Coach Megan

  7. Swimmer gets to help make the sets for practice one day.

  8. I will jump off the diving board in my clothes.

  9. I will bring in treats for their practice group. 

    Coach Emily

  10. Swimmer gets to help me time one meet. 

  11. I will do dryland with the swimmer’s group 

  12. I will buy the swimmer a bag of their choice of candy.

    Coach Angel

  13. Challenge a coach to race anything they choose 

  14. Get a free pass to sit out for one set of their choice 

  15. Option to swim with fins the entire practice (except breaststroke of course)

    Coach Kim

  16. #1 One meet day snack bag 

  17. #2 Coach one practice with me

  18. #3 $10 Gift card - swimmer choice

    Coach Sue

  19. I will be the swimmers assistant for a practice. Get their board, fins, hold their towel, get them water as needed etc..

  20. I will bring bagels to a Saturday practice that we(swimmer & myself agree upon)

  21. Swimmer gets to make up 2 sets during a practice.

    Coach Ron

  22. Make a practice for one day.

  23. Get a pass on a set for workout.

  24. Bring a snack for the swimmer.

    Coach Jenn

  25. Swimmer can randomly, without warning, switch places with Coach Jenn during any part of a set of his/her choosing (he/she will hop out and I will go in the water and swim in their place) - swimmer will have 2 chances to do this

  26. Swimmer can dump a bucket/container of ice water on Coach Jenn in her clothes

  27. Swimmer can choose any other swimmer (or him/herself) to race Coach Jenn in any event of their choosing

    Coach Sarah

  28. A swimmer can coach a set with me.

  29. I will bake any treat of their choice 

  30. At any time (only once), a swimmer can ask me to jump off one of the boards during practice  (I'll be wet the rest of practice