Gift of the Month-Attendance Incentive

Apr 27, 2018 (02:00 AM) - Jul 23, 2018 (02:00 AM)
July 23, 2018
July 23, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Each swimmer will get their name in a hat for every 4 practices they come. If we had 20 practices that month and little Jonny came to all of them he will get 5 names in the hat.

Perfect attendance kids will get to pick a gift from the coaches' box besides the gifts from the hat.

The gifts will come from you parents and we are asking that you please go to the sign-up page and pick a date to donate. Please donate something that your child would really work hard to get. It doesn't not have to be anything very expensive.

May be a swim suit, or 2 tickets to movies or a video game or a nice t-shirt, or pool toys, goggles, etc - NO FOOD or CANDY please. May be a swimmer's goody bag with nutritional stuff. Ask your kids and they will tell you.

I am trying very hard to get these kids interested and excited to come to practice and I can not do this without your help, you are the driver :o) . I will only ask for 3 families to donate items for each month so please go to the "job sign-up" and click on a box for a particular month to donate( 3 different family will donate 1 present each for each month). Please have the items ready by the 25th of each month (if you can wrap them as a gift that makes things even more exciting :o)

Thank you so much. Coach Wagner