Best Darn Swim Camp June 4 thru 6, 2018

Jun 4, 2018 (02:00 AM) - Jun 6, 2018 (02:00 AM)
June, 4 2018


Hi Everyone,

The Williston Sea Lions Swim Club is excited to announce that we will be hosting Milt Nelms Best Darn Swim Camp on June 4 thru 6, 2018 at the ARC. This is a great opportunity for your swimmer to learn techniques from a World Class coach! Space is limited, so be sure to sign your swimmer up ASAP to reserve their spots in this beneficial swim camp. Online registration is available at:

June 4 - 6, 2018

Williston ARC Swimming Pool
822 18th St E
Williston, ND 58801



10 Years and Under – Cost $190.00
($100 deposit required or full amount)

  • June 4 - 6    8:00-10:00 am

11 Years and Over – Cost $385.00
($100 deposit required or full amount)

  • June 04    12:00-2:00 pm / 4:00-6:00 pm
  • June 05    10:30-12:30 pm / 1:30-3:30 pm / 5:00-7:00 pm
  • June 06    10:30-12:30 pm

Swim Camp Coach Bio
Milton Nelms is an international swimming authority. Over the past three decades he has worked as a consultant and personal coach for numerous USA and international elite swimmers and their coaches and was on the pool deck at the 2016 Olympics in Rio working with his clients.

He is a co-founder of the Swedish Center for Aquatic Research in Lund, Sweden, and a co-founder of the World Aquatic Development Conference, now the largest aquatic educational conference in Europe. Nelms has designed a nationwide program on disabling fear of water in children, which was taught to 300 teachers throughout Sweden over three years.

Milt is also the co-founder of the Shane Gould Swimming Project, which researches cause of drowning, and designs drowning prevention programs, in the South Pacific.

When not traveling, Milt splits time between the USA and the Island State of Tasmania, in Australia.