USSC "Last Dance" ABC SCM Swim Meet

July 14, 2018 - July 15, 2018
June 13, 2018


2018 USSC “Last Dance” ABC Swim Meet


Meet Format: 25 Short Course Meters (SCM) ABC Timed Finals


Eligibility: This is the last meet of the Long Course season being offered prior to the State Meet.  All GLT Developmental and Novice Swimmers should participate in this meet.  Intermediate swimmers who have not been invited by Coach Shawn to participate in the OLY “Grizzly Summer Sizzler” should also participate in this meet


ATTENTION:  Senior and Junior swimmers should not participate in this meet.  All Senior and Junior swimmers should participate in the OLY “Grizzly Summer Sizzler” Swim Meet.


Location: The USSC “Last Dance” Swim Meet is a 25 Meter Long Course Swim Meet hosted by USSC at Stoney Creek HS. Stoney Creek HS is located at 575 E. Tienken Rd. Rochester MI 48307.


The DEADLINE to sign up for this meet is Wednesday, June 13th.


Saturday and Sunday Morning sessions are for 8 & Under Girls/Boys, 12 & Under Girls/Boys, and Open Girls and Boys.


Individual Entry Limits: On Saturday and Sunday swimmers are allowed to swim 4 individual events per day.  Time trials will not count towards each athlete’s total entry count.  


The warm-up, check in, and start times are on the following days:



Age Group



Check-In Deadline


Saturday Morning






Sunday Morning








Check-In: All swimmers are required to check-in starting 30 minutes before the start of warm-up. We would like all of our swimmers to check-in and be on the pool deck 15 minutes before the start of Warm-Up. This allows the coaches to warm-up all of our swimmers together as a team. The check-in sheets will be posted in the hallway leading into the pool.


Fees: $5.00 per individual event, $1.00 Michigan Swimming surcharge per swimmer and $7.00 GLT surcharge per swimmer.


Please make sure you indicate in the Note Section anything you feel is important for the Coaches to know.  Please let us know what days you would like to swim. If nothing is put down we will assume that means they will be swimming all days. GLT Coaches will be selecting all swimmers events that they feel are in each swimmers best interest.